Antibiotics advantages and disadvantages

The antibiotics are the medicines which fight the bacteria and the viruses , either by killing the invading bacteria or they weaken them  , so , the immune system can fight and kill them more rapidly , Most of the antibiotics are the bacteria fighters , And most of them are cost-effective & affordable .

The antibiotics are the extremely powerful class of drugs which reduced mortality from many of the epidemic infectious diseases which is responsible for millions of deaths every year , They are known as the antibacterials , They can destroy or slow down the bacterial growth on the body , And they can treat or combat the bacterial infection in the body .

The antibiotics are the substances that are obtained from the bacteria and the fungi , They are used as drugs to fight the various diseases caused by the harmful microorganisms , They are used to treat many diseases that were fatal prior to the development of the antibiotics , And a few antibiotics are used to treat certain cancers .

The antibiotics

The antibiotics

Advantages of Antibiotics

The antibiotics are effective against the infections caused by the microorganisms , Some of antibiotics are effective against many forms of diseases , They can save the life , They can kill the bacteria within the body , They are used as drugs to combat various diseases which are caused by the harmful microorganisms .

The antibiotics do not harm other normal body cells , It is possible to treat the diseases by the antibiotics which were fatal prior to the development of the antibiotics , The prescribed antibodies can harm the disease causing the microorganisms but the antibiotics have been developed to attack the human cells for the treatment of cancer .

It is very important to know that Macrolide antibiotics are strongly germ-killing medicines , They have been regarded among the best-tolerated antibiotics for almost 50 years , They have broad antibacterial spectrum , They are simple to use which have convenient dosing regimens , And they are used daily or twice dosing regimen .

The antibiotics have low incidence of gastrointestinal side effects , They can be used broadly by all age groups , They are safe in the pregnancy period too , They have  enhanced acid stabilities , They do not create problems in the tissue and the intracellular penetration , And small quantities of antibiotics are used as the food preservatives

The antibiotics are one class of antimicrobials , a larger group which includes the anti-viral , the anti-fungal , and the anti-parasitic drugs , They are reasonably harmless to the humans , They can be used to cure the infections caused by bacteria , And they are used to treat the infectious diseases in the animals .

The antibiotics cure the diseases by their property of being selectively toxic to the microorganisms , They are used to treat the variety of the bacterial diseases , A small number of antibiotics have been developed to attack the human cells for the treatment of the cancer , They can cure the cancer by only damaging the cells that are in the process of dividing .

Disadvantages of Antibiotics

The antibiotics can have many side effects as the diarrhea , The overuse of the antibiotics is the main concern worldwide , The overuse of the antibiotics contributes to the increase in the bacterial infections , So , The bacteria are becoming resistant to the antibacterial medications .

The antibiotics can kill the healthy bacteria in the body , Sometimes the antibiotics can lead to the complications such as the yeast infections , Some antibiotics may be allergic depending on your drug allergies such as sulfa that is commonly present in many antibiotics .

You have to know that many antibiotics will have the side effects such as the digestion issues , the nausea , the discomfort , the diarrhea and the sensitivity to the light , Some antibiotics induce the hyper-sensitivity and they can cause the allergic response , Most anti-microbial drugs , the antibiotics included cause the toxic side effects , Their long-term health hazards are not known .

It is very important to know that the antibiotics cause some side effects , The side effects are varied and range from the fever and the nausea to major allergic reactions , The common side effect is the diarrhea as the antibiotic disrupt the normal balance of the intestinal flora .

You should know that new strains ( the mutants ) formed by the mutations are resistant to the antibiotics , the new mutants are more adaptable and replace the non-mutated ones as they withstand the antibiotics attack .

It is very important to know that  the antibiotics kill of the normal microbial communities in our body , Our body may lose some of the beneficial mutualistic bacteria , This will upset the normal balance of the existing microflora and the microfauna .

You should know that the heavy indiscriminate use of the antibiotics in the poultry ( the meat , the dairy products ) production can transfer the residual antibiotics to the human food and they can transfer the resistant bacteria to the humans .

You have to know that if the antibiotic is used long enough , The bacteria will mutate to withstand the antibiotic , This is known as the antibiotic resistance , Many infections cases are caused by the bacteria resistant to some antibiotics , The antibiotic-resistant bacteria creates life-threatening infections danger that don’t respond to the antibiotics .

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