Benefits and dangers of electricity

The electricity

The electricity is very important in our life . Everyone needs the electricity . We can not imagine our life without it , So , It also has benefits and dangers . We must know how to deal with it , Man made the electric cables ( wires ) from copper which is an electric conducting material .

The benefits of electricity

  1. We use it to operate some machines .
  2. We use it to light the houses , the factories , the streets …………etc .
  3. You should know that we use it to cook the food and preserve it cold .

    The dangers resulted from the improper use of electricity 

    • The direct  injuries include the fires resulting from the electricity , The electric shock and Burns resulting from the electric current .
    • The indirect injuries like the injuries that result from falling from the top of a ladder due to an electric shock .

    The electric fires occurs due to the increase in the temperature of the electric machines .

    The electric shock occurs due to passing the electric current through the human body .

    The electric burns are burns that result from the electricity and cause the damage of the body tissues .

    The importance precautions in dealing with the electricity
    The electricity effects

    The electricity effects

    1. Do not place the flammable materials ( as the furniture , the curtains , the clothes , the paper ) close to the electric materials that generate the  heat ( as the heater , the iron , the electric heater ) .
    2. Do not place several connections in the same socket .
    3. Do not insert a metallic object in the socket ( as the nail , the metallic wire or the uninsulated screw driver ) .
    4. Do not touch the electric machine that are connected to the electric current with the wet hand .
    5. Do not play with the electric connections .
    6. Do not try to fix or clean any electric machine , while connected to the electric current .
    7. Do not place the electric wires extending on the ground as anyone can trip on them , while walking .
    8. Do not leave an electric machine connected with the electric current , while taking a bath .
    9. Do not leave the wires naked and not insulated .
    10. To prevent inserting another body in the socket , You must place a piece of plastic in it .

    The human body is a good conductor of electric current , because the water is 70 % of the human body . The electric shock happens when your body is a part of a closed circuit , where the electric current flows from a part of of your body and comes out from another part . The human body is more exposed to the electric shock when it is wet . In many cases , The electric shock causes the death .

    The electricity reaches our houses and factories from the electric power stations through the metallic cables . These cables are hanged on the insulating materials to prevent the electric current from reaching the towering poles .

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