The static electricity and the current ( dynamic ) electricity

The electricity

The electricity is produced from the electric charges  ,  when these electric charges are stable on a body , the produced electricity is the static electricity , and when the electric charges flow through a conductor ( wire ) , the produced electricity is the dynamic electricity .

The static electricity

The static electricity is a type of electricity that is formed from the electric charges that remain on an object , and rubbing of the objects generates the static electricity .

The static electricity

The static electricity

There are some phenomena related to the static electricity as the vision of the light in the sky which is called the lightning  ,  standing of your hair during combing it by a plastic comb , and hearing a sound when you put off your clothes .

There are two types of the electric charges which are the positive charges and the negative charges , The lightning happens when positive electric charges found in the clouds meet with the negative electric charges rising from the Earth .

The current ( dynamic ) electricity

Electric circuit

The dynamic electricity .

The current electricity is the electric charges that flows through the connecting wires for the long distances forming the electric current , The electric current is the movable electric charges , when the electric current flows through a wire in one direction , it is called a direct current .

To obtain the electric current or the dynamic electricity , we need to form an electric circuit which is composed of  a battery , a lamp , the connecting wires and the electric switch ( the key ) .

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