The general properties of halogens in the modern periodic table

The halogens

The halogens are located on the right side of the modern periodic table before the inert gases , The halogens are elements of group 7 A ( 17 ) in p-block , The halogens are mono-valent elements as their outermost energy levels have ( 7 ) electrons .


The properties of the halogens .

The halogens exist in the form of diatomic molecules ( they are formed of two atoms ) , The halogens tend to gain one electron during the chemical reaction , and convert into negative ion which has one negative charge .


Halogens are formed of two atoms . They are diatomic molecules .

The physical state of  the halogens is graduated from the gas to the liquid to the solid . Fluorine and Chlorine are the gases , Bromine is a liquid , and Iodine is a solid .

The halogens react with the metals forming the salts , So , they are called the halogens which means ” Forming the salts ” .

The halogens are the active elements therefore they do not exist in the nature in the elementary state , but they are found combining with the other elements forming the chemical compounds ( except Astatine ( At ) which is prepared artificially ) .


Halogens are the active elements

Each element of the halogens replaces the element below it in its salt solution .

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