Examples and some technological applications of electromagnetic waves .

The electromagnetic waves

The electromagnetic waves .

The electromagnetic waves .

The electromagnetic waves are formed when an electric field couples with a magnetic field . The magnetic and electric fields of an electromagnetic waves are perpendicular to each other and to the direction of the wave .

Mechanical waves and Electromagnetic waves  cause the wave motion .

Electromagnetic waves are characterized by :

  • They are accompanied with the electromagnetic forces .

  • Their speed is extremely high ( speed of the light is about 300 millions m/s ) .

  • No medium is required for the electromagnetic waves to travel through , They can  travel through the free space .

Examples of electromagnetic waves :

  •  Gamma rays

  • The light waves

  • Wireless waves . ( which are used in communications )

  • X – rays .

  • Ultraviolet and infrared rays ( accompanied by Sun  rays ) .

  • Radio and television waves .

    Technological applications of electromagnetic waves . 

    Ultraviolet ( UV ) raysThey have the property of killing the microbes , so , they are used to sterilize the sets of surgical operations rooms .

     X – rays :  They are very important In photographing the bones for detecting the bone fractures , X – rays are used in examining the mineral raws in industry and showing errors , pores and cracks in these minerals ?

    Gamma rays : They are used in medical purposes as the treatment and discovering of some swellings ( tumors ) .

    Visible ( seen ) light : They are used In photographing cameras ,  They are very important in  television cameras ,  They are used in light shows ( data show ) .

    Infrared ( IR ) rays : They are used in night vision apparatus used by modern military forces ,They are very important in remote sensing instrument to photograph Earth’s surface using the satellites .

    Also they are used in cooking food because these rays have heat effect property and they are used in making remote sets to control and start electric sets ( TV , DVD , air conditioner  …. ) .


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