The uses and dangers of microwaves

Microwave technology

Microwave technology is used for telecommunications , microwave is easily focused into narrower beams than the radio waves , its higher frequency allows the broad bandwidth and high data transmission rates .

Antenna sizes are smaller than at lower frequencies because antenna size is inversely proportional to transmitted frequency , and  the telephone communications are transmitted long distances by the microwaves between ground stations and communications satellites .

Microwave technology is very useful in communication because it easily penetrate the earth’s atmosphere which comes in handy primarily for the space-vehicle communication .

Microwave technology is used in the world’s data , TV , the telegraphs , the satellites , the spacecraft communication , it is also used in the microwave ovens and in radar technology and shorter microwaves are used in remote sensing .

Microwave oven danger

Microwave oven danger

The microwaves are made by various types of transmitter , and they are high frequency radio waves , we use them to to cook many types of food as they cause the water and fat molecules to vibrate , So , they  make the substances hot .

The mobile phones use microwaves , they made by a transmitter chip and an antenna , so , the mobile phones doesn’t need to be very big .

Microwaves are used by the fixed traffic speed cameras , they are used for radar that is used by the ships , the aircraft and they are used in the weather forecasts  as Doppler radar .

Microwaves are suitable for transmitting the information from one place to another as the microwave energy can penetrate the haze , the light , the  rain and the snow , the smoke and the clouds .

Microwaves are very important in science as the microwaves are used to make a special conductor made of copper called chalcopyrite and they can add in the process of separating chemical compounds , So , the scientists can study each component of the compound .

Microwaves are very useful in medicine as they can be used to treat the health problems better than the drugs , They are used in medical cases as an alternative to the surgery , They can heat enlarged prostates to kill extra tissues and they are safer that the surgery .

Microwaves are very useful in industry as they can be used to decrease the air pollutants , They can be used to sanitize the hospital waste , They are used to enhance dry cleaning solvents and they are used to clean up the polluted soil .

Dangers of microwaves

Microwaves cause cataracts in the eyes that prevent the eyes from seeing clearly , so you should not press your face on the microwave oven door to see if the food is ready .

You should not spend long time on calling on the phone as the microwaves from mobile phones can affect parts of your brain and you should keep short calls  .

Microwaves leaking from the oven are very dangerous for the women who are pregnant , because of the unknown defects caused by the radiation leakage .

You should not put metal containers in the microwave oven as they reflect the microwaves and you should close the door of the microwave to prevent the microwave leakage .

Microwaves provide unnecessary dairy exposure to radiation , They can create severe health issues and they were never researched before adoption .

Microwaves create carcinogenic compounds in certain foods , They destroy the nutrients value of the food ,  They are unsafe for baby’s milk and hazardous changes have been found in the blood of individuals consuming microwaved food .

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