#Hashtags advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of #Hashtags

#Hashtags make it easier for the people to find and follow the discussions about the brands , the events , and the promotions , They allow the brands to track the performance of the promotions across the social media , They started out on Twitter , but they spread to Facebook , Google+, Instagram , Pinterest , Google search , and the other platforms .

#Hashtags are the great way to extend your content reach and they increase the brand awareness , They first began to used on Twitter to take part in the open conversation about any particular subject , You can use #Hashtags on Twitter , Tweets with the hashtags can double the times of more engagement than tweets without .

You can write a word or group of words directly after the # sign such as #Hashtags , You can create the brand hashtag which is unique to your business , You can use it as your signature tag and encourage the others to share it too , You want to keep it pretty short and easy to spell too , So , Your brand hashtags can be your business name or your slogan .

The consumers can use the hashtag to share their photos on the social media sites such as Instagram , You can see 100% increase in the engagement by using hashtags while the brands can see 50% increase , Instagram shows posts with 11 or more hashtags to have the highest interactions , And you can use many hashtags on Instagram to build your community .



Successful Hashtags should be memorable , unique , relevant to your campaign , They should be distinctive and simple for the followers to remember , Don’t use the generic hashtags like the food , the people or the places , They are too broad and too hard to track .

#Hashtags create an easy message that you can understand it , You can craft the hashtag around one particular message , You can keep it short , You can make the call-to-action clear and easy , You can avoid anything too abstract , And you can capitalize multi-word hashtags .

#Hashtags create your own momentum , You can identify your audience’s influencers , You can look to you fans to inspire new campaign hashtags , You can use the hashtags publicly if you are making some promotional post , or related with advertising , And it will increase the audience reach to your post .

Facebook Hashtags can be used to advertise yourself to become popular on Facebook , They help in promoting the products on Facebook , If you are using hashtags publicly , then they will increase your access worldwide , They are very popular among the bloggers to promote their blogs and blog post , They help in categorizing your updates .

#Hashtags are the effective method of allowing the users to sort the topics into the useful categories to revisit later , Twitter community uses the hashtag , If you are looking for the company specific news or the company’s product , The hashtags will be very helpful , Using hashtags to search Twitter for the specific information is now even easier .

Disadvantages of using #Hashtags

Facebook Hashtags exploit your privacy if you are using the hashtags in wrongly manner , They may be the security threat for your Facebook profile , They will display your profile publicly at anywhere to the users of any country , They may sometimes convert your personal matters into public matter .

Facebook Hashtags become very useful for us but do not use Hashtags , if your post is related with the personal or family matters , Do not use hashtags when you upload your own images , If you use the hashtags publicly then they will be shown in front of the unknown users who go through the tag which you’ve used in your post .

#Hashtags will be ignored or hijacked if you do not follow the correct principles , Some hashtags were intended by the creators to invite the positive energy and encourage the people to share their good experiences with the company , The trolls can attack the hashtag and push the others to do the complete opposite , sharing their worst experiences and the other complaints for hundreds of others to see .

#Hashtags should invite the people to act and participate in the activities , You should avoid making the topic or the statement too broad that will inspire the trolls to make fun of the message , You should test the hashtag before heavily marketing it , And too many hashtags on Facebook leads to fewer interactions .

You should choose the words carefully that used to describe the hashtags to avoid expressing something else , Many people used the wrong words which led to a completely different message or some people view it as a profane statement , You can ruin your reputation by failing to check how the words look together.

You should know that the hashtags are very popularity , They are prevalent on Twitter these days that they can be difficult to keep the track of them all as well as what they mean , you should be careful not to be insensitive about the bad and the traumatic events .


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