Author: Heba Soffar

The inert gases 0

The properties of the noble ( inert ) gases

The inert gases are the elements in which the outermost electron shells are completely filled with the electrons , so they don’t participate in any chemical combination in the ordinary conditions .

Covalent bond 0

What are the types of the covalent bond ?

The covalent bond The covalent bond is a bond occurred among the atoms of nonmetals through the particopation of each atom with the same number of electrons to complete the outer electron shell .

Ionic bond 0

What is the ionic bond ?

The  element is composed of the molecules , Each molecule consists of the atoms , The atom is electrically neutral in its ordinary state ( In the atom , the number of the electrons...

Wave motion 0

The law of the wave propagation

Some concepts related to the wave motion and its properties In the transverse pulse , If the displacements associated with the wave disturbances move in a direction perpendicular to the wave motion , So...