The advantages and disadvantages of HUAWEI ascend g730

Advantages of HUAWEI ascend g730

HUAWEI ascend g730 comes with expandable storage , It supports decent main camera in good conditions , It has good performance , It has dual-SIM support , It supports IPS display with stable viewing angles , And it supports display brightness .

HUAWEI ascend g730 has dual sim cards ,  It has affordable price , The user can install two sim cards in it ,  You can access to two separate lines of communications using just one phone , It is  easier to press the things on a larger screen than it is on a small screen , This makes the phone more user-friendly and improves usability .

HUAWEI ascend G730 is a fairly smooth performer when it comes to run software such as the social media apps , There are no excessive delays or lags when switching screens , It  starts to slow down at heavier work such as playing the games .

HUAWEI ascend g730

HUAWEI ascend g730

While working memory is sufficient for most applications , The flash storage quickly fills up especially given that out of the 4 GB of net storage ,  And you can use a microSD card to expand the storage space by up to 64 GB ?

Huawei ascend G730 positioned a volume rocker and a power button on the right side of the device that is an amazing option that allows you to read or see more clearly .

Huawei Ascend G730 can hold its own , Even from extreme angles , only the brightness loses a bit of its luster,  As is typical of IPS panels , there is a bit of a glow effect but only on darker, monochromatic images at wider viewing angles .

Huawei device’s brightness level is very high ,  Competitors like the Alcatel One Touch Pop C7 and the Acer Liquid S1 are marginally more evenly lit .

Disadvantages of HUAWEI ascend g730

HUAWEI ascend g730 has weak speaker and front camera , The battery lid is hard to remove , Android version is not up-to-date ,  Only one SIM slot with 3G support and SIM slots fit different card sizes  .

While the screen of  G730 scores high in terms of size , The quality of the screen itself does not , Compared to other members in the G-series such as Huawei Ascend G700 , The picture seems significantly worse , especially when looking from the sides , Sharpness and especially viewing angles are worse on  G730 .

Huawei Ascend G730’s performance is standard for a mid-class device , The glass display surface is very reflective which makes it much more difficult to see the screen content under direct sunlight .

One of the biggest strength of phablets is that they tend to last longer than other smartphones that are smaller in size , However, that is not the case with  G730 , And You have a hard time generating a good sound as there is a single speaker on the backside of the device  .

While the battery is a little bit bigger than most smaller smartphones , It is smaller than what you will find in other phablets , Taking into account the extra power required for the bigger screen , Huawei Ascend G730 is poor for a phablet when it comes to the battery life which requires you to pay attention to the battery indicator during the day .

Huawei Ascend G730 seems to have cut corners in several areas to get a big screen on  G730 while keeping costs under control , There are a poor camera in the front , only four gigabytes of internal storage and limited support for 3G radio frequencies which means that the phone cannot work everywhere .

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2 Responses

  1. Frank says:

    A lot of phone for €150. The little internal storage is the big disadvantage what you should consider when buying.

    • Heba Soffar says:

      You should consider the Primary and Secondary camera (if exists) and the RAM of the phone and the battery if it is high or low , You should consider also the Resolution of the screen and the internal storage of course , If you want Extra Specifications you can look for the GPS and the Sensors such as Accelerometer, Proximity and you can find compass in some phones . If you want full Specifications of the phone you can go to this site

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