Home Alarm Systems uses , Types , advantages and disadvantages

Alarm Systems deter the crime , Homes with the alarm security systems are less likely to be targeted by the burglars and the other intruders , The presence of the alarm system is enough in most cases to protect your home and your family from a break-in .

Advantages of Alarm Systems

In the event of a home invasion , The alarm security system will sound an alarm that will provide you with enough warning to get to a safe location in your property and notify local authorities to dispatch help wherever you are .

Alarm Systems protect valuables , In case of an attempted burglary , The home security system will sound an alarm , The sound of the alarm scares off many burglars and help will come within minutes of your alarm going off to ensure that nothing is stolen and no one is hurt .

Modern alarm security systems allow remote access to properties and businesses , They provide the ability to monitor what’s happening in your property when you are not there , Depending on your system , You can monitor activities in your property , keep tabs on kids or even control devices , such as the thermostat , lighting , door locks and more .

Alarm Systems help save insurance , Many insurance carriers recognize how much protection monitored alarm security systems give their clients , So , they are willing to give significant discounts on home-owners insurance policies for those who have installed these systems , you can manage savings of up to 20% discount on homeowners insurance if you have an alarm system .

Alarm Systems offer fire protection , The alarm system with a smoke or fire detector will instantly notify you of these emergencies , when you are away from home , You can set it up so authorities are alerted in the event of a fire , gas leak or flood emergency .

Alarm Systems offer a sense of comfort , Installing an alarm system will give you a sense of security and peace , You will feel safe , So , They provide you with the confidence that you need to be a more productive , healthy and focused person .

Home Alarm Systems

Home Alarm Systems

Disadvantages of Alarm Systems

Alarm security systems can be expensive , The high quality , state of the art alarm systems don’t come cheap , They require substantial initial investment that includes the equipment cost , installation and subscription of security monitoring service .

Most alarm security systems are prone to the false alarms which involve the alarm going off on you or the alarm sounding off even when there’s no emergency situation and this can be extremely embarrassing .

Photoelectric smoke alarms

Photoelectric smoke alarms are good for smoldering fire and dense smoke , They are not as prone to cooking nuisance alarms as ionization alarms , They contain no radioactive material and they are suitable for general use .

Photoelectric smoke alarms are slightly more expensive than the ionization alarms , Nuisance alarms can occasionally occur from the dust and the insects and they must be kept clean .

Ionization smoke alarms

Ionization smoke alarms are cheaper than the other types of smoke alarms , They are very good with fast flaming fires with little visible smoke , They are less prone to false alarms caused by the dust and the steam , They are suitable for general use .

Ionization smoke alarms are susceptible to nuisance alarms if placed too close to cooking , They may be slow to respond slow smoldering fires and they contain a very small amount of radioactive material .

Hard-Wire Home Alarms

The hard-wire home alarm system may be problematic as it is difficult to install & it requires the professional assistance , So the installation costs can be increased & it is difficult to remove the system when it is time to sell or relocate .

It is difficult to conceal all the wires needed to connect and support the hard-wire system , It is more reliable than its wireless counterparts , It is less susceptible to radio or electrical interference and it has backup batteries during the electrical interruptions .

Carbon monoxide alarms

Carbon monoxide alarms may be used in addition to smoke alarms for increased warning and they are commonly used for the detection of fire at home .

Carbon monoxide alarms are more expensive than photoelectric alarms , They only have a lifespan of approximately 5 years , They are in addition to a working ionization or photoelectric smoke alarms and they should not be used as a sole smoke alarm .

Heat alarms

Heat alarms are suitable for such places where smoke alarms are not be suitable  such in the kitchen , Heat detectors are not considered as life saving devices as they are sensitive only to the heat and the smoke from a smoldering fire will not activate the heat detector .

Wireless & Hard-wired alarm systems uses , advantages and disadvantages

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