The advantages and disadvantages of PowerPoint skills

Advantages of PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is an electronic slide presentation created & presented using the program to communicate by the electronic slides , It is an easy program to use , It is a powerful tool for giving a presentation , It is very important for the students to learn PowerPoint skills right from high school , by the time they reach university , they will have mastered art of making effective presentations .

PowerPoint can easily input the images , The templates are built in for different appearances , You can add the notes pages , You can easily add the media and the recordings , It is more exciting than a simple word document or hand written presentation and the master slides make the presentations consistent .

Making your presentation more interesting through the use of multimedia can help to improve the audience’s focus , PowerPoint allows you to use the images , the audio and the video to have a greater visual impact .

PowerPoint can be used in a number of different effective ways to communicate with people , The slides are completely customizable to fit your needs , Depending on your approach , you may want to have a presentation that is text-heavy , image-heavy or some combination of both .



PowerPoint is quick and easy , The basic features are easy to master and can make you appear to be organized even if you are not , PowerPoint is integrated with the other products that allow you to include parts of the documents , the spread sheets and the graphics .

PowerPoint has simple bullet points , It can reduce complicated messages to simple bullet points , The bullet points are a good basis for the presentation and remind the speaker of the main points and the organization of the message .

It is easy to create a colorful & attractive design by using the standard templates and themes , even if you do not have much knowledge of basic graphic design principles , Inclusion of different types of charts , images , clip-arts & other graphical structures , They make the presentation attractive , Animation & sound effects add extra emphasis on these presentations making them look more interactive .

It is easy to modify ,  when compared to other visual aids such as the charts , the posters or the objects , It is easily re-order the presentation , with a simple drag and drop or using the key strokes , you can move slides to re-order the presentation .

You can share your PowerPoint presentation with the world , You can upload your presentation to the websites such as YouTube with everything featured in your work including all of the slides , commentary and transitions .

You can access your presentations from more locations and on more devices , You can create high-quality presentations with stunning graphics , You can captivate your audience with new transitions and improved animations , you can organize and print your slides more effectively .

PowerPoint slides are generally easier to see by a large audience when projected than other visual aids , You can easily advance the slides in the presentation one after another , they  can be easily read if you have a projector and screen that is large enough for the entire room .

PowerPoint is one of the easiest visual tools to master for education , If you have MS Office installed , It is also one of the cheapest tools that you can use for interactive storytelling , It is a very useful tool for creating quality vector diagrams and icons .

There are many superb powerful tools and options present in Microsoft power point , They are very useful for people in the marketing , the advertising and the sales to make the presentations for motivation of their subordinates .

Success in business world depends on the presentation skills as most businesses run on the presentations like the internal presentations to your management about the status of a project or sales presentation to a potential client , failing there could end up costing you your job .

Disadvantages of PowerPoint

Some features such as animations and backgrounds can distract the audience from the actual information in the presentation , The file size can become quite large on medium to the large presentations .

Some of the features can be quite complicated to use and even the simple features require some getting used to , When at work , you can not rely on another computer or laptop to run your presentation , there are too many software conflicts and disk space barriers .

The linear nature of PowerPoint forces the presenter to reduce complex subjects to a set of bullet items that are too weak to support decision-making or show the complexity of an issue as some people create the presentations , So , they have the slides to present rather than outlining , organizing and focusing on the message . 

If PowerPoint has too many flying letters , animations and sound effects without seeing much original thought or analysis , It can be a real issue , So the medium shoves the message aside , The people end up preparing presentations which are either filled with the images or they are just plain text .

You will need to have a computer and projection equipment in the place to display the slides to the audience , Many people forget that they are making a presentation first and that PowerPoint is just a tool .

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