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The antibiotics 12

Antibiotics advantages and disadvantages

The antibiotics are the medicines which fight the bacteria, either by killing the invading bacteria or they weaken them, so, the immune system can fight and kill them more rapidly, Most of the antibiotics...

Fast food dangers 0

Fast food benefits and dangers

Fast food chains offer comfort food, They are very accessible, you can find them everywhere, so, Everybody can have the chance to enjoy these foods, The people prefer to eat Fast food while doing...

Healthy skeletal system 0

How can you maintain your locomotory system?

The skeletal system provides the support and structure to the body, It protects the vital organs, it works with the muscles to help in the movement, Your bones can be broken or weakened if...

Heart healthy habits 0

How to maintain the circulatory system healthy?

The heart diseases lead to death, So, keeping your circulatory system healthy will decrease your risk of the heart attack. You should keep exercising to strengthen the heart muscle and to activate the blood circulation.