How can you maintain your locomotory system?

The skeletal system provides the support and structure to the body, It protects the vital organs, it works with the muscles to help in the movement, Your bones can be broken or weakened if you do not take care of them, So you should keep your skeletal system healthy and strong. 

The bones need regular exercise to stay as strong as possible, Walking, riding your bike, basketball, dancing, skateboarding and other activities are all good for your bones, so, do not forget to use the helmets, the knee pads & the shin guards to keep you and your bones safe.

You should strengthen your skeleton by drinking the milk and eating other dairy products, they all contain calcium which helps the bones harden and become strong.

Healthy skeletal system

Healthy skeletal system

You should eat healthy food rich in calcium phosphorus and vitamin D to prevent bone diseases such as steomalacia and rickets.

You should commit on vaccinating the children according to the Ministry of the health’s instructions as well as giving the children the polio vaccinations at the accurate times.

You should avoid any behavior that leads to the fractures and the sprains such as jumping from high places and making violent movements.

You should avoid carrying the heavy things that exceed your ability to protect the skeleton, especially the backbone, you should sit and stand correctly during studying or reading to avoid straining the neck or the backbone vertebrae.

Exercise may improve to maintain healthy bones, responds to the mechanical stresses, when the mechanical stresses are applied, more mineral salts are deposited and more collagenous fibres are produced.

The physiological response to exercise is dependent on the exercise as well as the environmental conditions, and exercise also helps keep your muscles healthy.

The muscles cells get smaller and weaker without exercise, the weak muscles can increase the risk of heart disease, The bone injuries can happen more often when the muscles are not healthy and the joints might not be as stable when the muscles are small and weak.

You should exercise regularly, and you should perform at least 30 minutes of weight-bearing exercise at least twice a week as building muscle increases the bone density to build healthy bones and prevent the osteoporosis.

You should expose the body to the sunlight for the suitable periods due to the importance of the sunlight in providing the body with vitamin D, A regular yoga practice promotes the optical bone health and strong and flexible muscles.

You should avoid excessive amounts of the salts, soda, carbonated drinks, caffeine and hydrogenated oils which are known to diminish calcium content in the bones.

You should avoid smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol because Nicotine and alcohol make the bones weak and brittle by depleting their calcium content.

You should drink at least 8 glasses of clean water every day, The body needs to remain hydrated to be healthy, Hydration is important to maintain the bone health.

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