Cheat engine features , advantages and disadvantages

Cheat Engine is the open source memory scanner/hex  editor/debugger , It is created for Windows operating system , It is commonly abbreviated as CE , It enables you to modify the single player games running in Windows to make them harder or easier depending on your preference , And it contains a few other useful tools to help debug the games .

Cheat Engine for Macintosh includes the memory scanner to check for the variables within the game and It also includes a few other tools such as the disassembler, the trainer maker and the direct 3D manipulation tools , It is mostly used for cheating in the computer games , and It is modified and recompiled to evade the detection .

Cheat Engine is the program that resembles L. Spiro’s Memory Hacking Software , TSearch, and ArtMoney , It searches for the values input by the user with a wide variety of options which allow the user to find and sort through the computer’s memory , It can create the standalone trainers that can operate independently of Cheat Engine .

Cheat Engine advantages

Cheat Engine can modify and apply touch-ups to the video games , along with some extra tool for debugging software and games , It is an open source tool for editing the code of a game , It opens the process of the game and it allows you to change the data , It includes the scanner so that you can easily find the values you’re looking for .

Cheat engine

Cheat engine

You have to know that there are many modifiable parameters , as well as lots of changes you can apply , from the number of lives , to the money in the game , going through all the values of the game along the way , On the official website , you can find a ready-made list of changes .

It is very important to know that Cheat Engine provides the tools for Direct3D and OpenGL , and it is the useful program for the developers , since it integrates debugging features for the video games and the software , It is not easy to use but thanks to its excellent tutorials , you can quickly get up and running with the program .

You should know that Cheat Engine is useful for the advanced users , but including a tutorial for those who might be less experienced , It doesn’t work for online games but the editing possibilities for the single player games are almost endless , And it is recommended that you use Cheat Engine for Windows .

Cheat Engine supports the following formats which are CET , CT2 , CT3 , CT , XML , GH , AMT , It is can view the disassembled memory of the process , And it make the alterations to give the user advantages such as the infinite health , the time or the ammunition .

Cheat Engine has some Direct3D manipulation tools , They allow the vision through the walls and zoom in/out , and with some advanced configuration , It can move the mouse to get a certain texture into the center of the screen , It is commonly used to create the aimbots , It is used in single player aspect of games and its use in multiplayer games is discouraged .

You have to know that Cheat engine  permits to change the interface of game , It is effective and easy to use , It is the tool for creating the cheats and hacks in the games , It allows to seek and modify the parameters in the memory image of running process , And it helps you insert the blocks of assembler code into the memory of working process .

Cheat engine enables you to inspect the commands and the values in the process memory , you can debug process with an integrated debugger , You can create the simple standalone hack utilites automatically , And you can create the complex standalone hack utilites by the integrated LUA script console .

Cheat Engine is easy to use , for make your first hack , you shouldn’t know any specific computer knowledge , You can understand the principals , You can change the value in the target process , You can search that value in the memory, You can lock it , And you can fix it .

Cheat Engine is the superb software tool that will help the  gamers to get through difficult stages in the game , It allows the gamers to cheat in the games by means of a hex memory searcher and editor , The searcher and the editor allows the user to change the certain memory address and values that directly influences the game .

Cheat Engine is the superb software tool that offers the Client-Server version by means of which other users can connect to the server to have their games hacked in a common manner , You can prepare your own trainer like the memory trainer that allows you to create your own cheats and assign hotkeys .

You have to know that if the design interface doesn’t seem good in the game , You can design your own , By making changes in the memory , You can get the advantage of infinite health , time and ammunition , You can cheat in the computer games , You can hack PC , And it is open source , so , It is free .

Cheat Engine disadvantages

Cheat Engine is not user friendly , It can’t use for online game , Cheat Engine for Macintosh is the unofficial port of Cheat Engine for Windows , It is very hard to understand exactly how to use Cheat Engine , It does not work with the forthcoming OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and it is problematic in Lion .

You have to know that Cheat Engine for Macintosh is the dated utility that will only work on older versions of OS X , It doesn’t work on the recent versions of OS X , It could be used for wrong doings by cracking into others PC , It might leave some registry files after uninstalling .

It is very important to know that Debugger of Cheat Engine couldn’t attach to their processes , and many functions of Cheat Engine become unusable , many large games like an MMO with lots of objects in the memory uses a dynamic memory for storing vital parameters , and because of this it becomes difficult to create a proper hack utility .

You have to know that Cheat Engine can inject the code into other processes and most anti-virus programs mistake it for a virus but the newer versions of Cheat Engine are less likely to be blocked by anti-virus programs , So , the features such as the code injection can be used without problems , And many modern games have a lot of defence mechanisms , preserving it from bit-hacking .

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