Minecraft features , advantages and disadvantages

Minecraft advantages 

Minecraft is the ultimate educational tool , It is great for learning , It has enormous potential as a tool for education , It is used in the classroom to teach the language , the history and the math , It teaches a wide range of concepts , logic , problem solving , the goal setting , the science , the economics and the literacy .

In Minecraft , The kids take the risks and learn from their mistakes in a fun and engaging environment , It is used in teaching the social scripts and explaining the way car engines work , It is not just video game but it is an immersive and interactive playground .

Minecraft is the tremendous learning platform , It is the open world video game , where single-players or multi-players roam through a landscape , creating the structures and the inventions made out of the textured blocks & the minecraft picture , It teaches about technology and learning .

Minecraft does not only train the kids to acquire and retain the information , it encourages them to use the knowledge in new ways , It is very safe for the kids to play , There is not sex , the drugs , the bad language , the guns or the blood .



You have to know that the violence is minimal and not graphic , It is mostly used for survival rather than combat , and it can be totally avoided if you want , The most potentially unsafe aspect of the game is playing on the multiplayer server , And it can be made as safe as you need it to be .

Minecraft encourages the kids to be creative and curious , They can explore , build and discover inside the world that they design and control , It is a game where that the intense focus is fostered and rewarded , You can successfully keep track of several tasks at once and it is the key to survive and enjoy the game .

Minecraft develops the computer literacy , The files which run the game are accessible to be modified by the player , It helps the kids to figure out how the computers work and they can teach themselves the programming , The researching on the internet , making the videos and using the graphics editors , tools that their generation will build their careers upon .

Minecraft is customizable , It is is an incredibly flexible game , with the options that allow you to tailor it to the abilities of your kids and the way they like to play and learn , It is  a game that can grow with the player as they become more skilled and knowledgeable .

Minecraft is inclusive , It is equally well-suited to many different types of players , The players with different levels of experience and ability can play together in the same world , and the whole families can join each other on the adventures or the work on the collaborative projects .

Minecraft fosters the teamwork , It is not expensive , It  can be played on nearly any device , You can play online or offline , either alone or in a multi-player mode , With nearly 13 million PC downloads , And you can collect the material by mining virtual environments called the servers .

Minecraft offers the creativity , In Minecraft you required the dream up and create the worlds , You need to acquire the resources and you can use those resources effectively , There is a chat function that allows the communication between the players , And the real fun of Minecraft is its social element .

Minecraft disadvantages 

When the kids play Minecraft , There is lack of parental controls , when the kid is on a multiplayer server which is not set up as the age appropriate and it lacks a strong administrator to the police activity , Most children will visit many different servers and they will access the game from the friends’ homes so it is difficult to control which server they are on .

Minecraft can be addictive , It offers fun and fascinating game-play , There is an addictive nature to the game , There are endless things to collect and build and often the friends are online making the time pass with ease .

Minecraft can cause bullying , It is a social game , Bad behavior can take in the form of bullying , The players can gang up on the others , The game resources can be theft , So , there can be verbal tormenting through the chat .

Minecraft can expose the kids to the inappropriate content and the advanced social themes , There will be the violence , The battle themes and some scary monsters , The scary is the cursing and the sexual content in some servers chat .

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    Minecraft does use bad language.

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