Kodu Game Lab features , advantages and disadvantages

Kodu Game Lab is educational programming language , It is the game design engine that designed like a game itself . It is originally named Boku , It is designed for the games development and it provides specialized primitives derived from the gaming scenarios .

You have to know that the programs are expressed in physical terms , using concepts like the vision , the hearing , and the time to control the character behavior , With Kodu you can have all that power without the complex coding required if you didn’t use Kodu .

Kodu Game Lab is the new visual programming language that made specifically for creating the games , It is designed to be accessible for the children and enjoyable for anyone , It runs on the Xbox that allow rapid design iteration using only the game controller for input .

Kodu Game Lab

Kodu Game Lab

Kodu Game Lab advantages

Kodu Game Lab is easy to use , It is suitable for any age , and It can be picked up in minutes , It offers strong backend from XNA , The code is not necessary , You can create your own games easily , And you don’t even need any programming skills , And you do not need the coding skills .

You have to know that Kodu Game Lab is radically different from any other coding editor , And it is the kid-oriented programming environment that lets anyone build their own games without writing a single code line .

It is very important to know that Kodu Game Lab features an eye-catching design which makes it feel like a game by itself , It includes the lessons and the sample games to get you started and make the things even easier , You will find many ready-made objects , the characters and the obstacles that you can arrange with the keyboard and the mouse and the program with a special card system .

Kodu Game Lab is original visual programming environment , It is powerful , It is really easy to use , It includes the lessons and the sample games , It is not as the classical programming languages , And it expresses the advanced game design concepts in the simple and direct manner .

Kodu Game Lab is free , It is Fun , treat as a puzzle , It can be played on XBox , It doesn’t need Visual Studios , It can be exported ( and thus played on another PC ) , It is designed to be accessible by anyone , And it is available to download as an Xbox 360 Indie Game .

Kodu Game Lab provides the creative environment for the designing , the building , and playing your own new games , It is the high-level language incorporates real world primitives color , vision , It uses Xbox 360 Game Controller for input , And the keyboard is not required .

Kodu Game Lab runs on XBox 360 and PC  , It offers interactive terrain editor , It has bridge and path builder , It offers Terrain editor , It creats worlds of arbitrary shape and size , And it offers different characters with different abilities .

Kodu Game Lab offers a programming user interface , It is simple and entirely icon-based , The programs are composed of the pages that are broken down into the rules which are further divided into the conditions and the actions , And the conditions are evaluated simultaneously.

It is very important to know that many different types of games can be made in Kodu such as the racing , the strategy , RPGs , the adventure , the platform , the puzzle , the 1st person shooters , and others .

You have to know that Kodu Game Lab is used as the educational learning tool in the schools and the learning centers , Kodu’s programming model is simplified and it can be programmed using the gaming controller or the combination of the keyboard and the mouse .

Kodu Game Lab disadvantages

Kodu Game Lab is sometimes not very responsive and laggy , It slows the computer down for other tasks ( the heavy use of 3D engine ) , It is still primitive , It is a Microsoft experiment that’s still in development , This means you can expect some bugs and  odd crash but other than that it is perfectly usable .

You have to know that there are some obvious limitations to Kodu as it is intended for the kids with little or no experience in coding , but it is a fun , colorful way to get them started in the hobby of creating videogames , It offers limited selection of objects , And it cannot be converted into a standalone application .

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