Motion Sensor Cameras ( home security cameras ) features , cons and pros

The home security cameras have different names , They can be referred to as the home surveillance systems or closed circuit TV ( CCTV ) , They allow the homeowners to keep the eye on and monitor specific areas of their home watching out for potential burglars , vandals and thieves .

Indoor home security cameras

The indoor cameras are the cornerstone of a good home security system , They are a consumers best bet , Some cameras have Wi-Fi capability , They can be monitored online and on your smartphone via each camera’s corresponding app .

The difference between the digital cameras and the security cameras is in their basic way of working , The digital cameras store the images when you tell them to , The security cameras only provide the images ( save and transmit them ) when they detect the motion .

The motion detection is the process of comparing the sequential images and determining if the differences between them represent motion , If there are differences between two consecutive images , the cameras conclude that there has been a motion within the camera view .

Motion Sensor Camera

Motion Sensor Camera

Home security cameras pros

The biggest advantage of installing the motion sensor camera in your home is home security , With the motion sensor camera , you will know if a stranger is on your property and you can take the appropriate action .

The motion sensors use sophisticated technology to determine if the movement is made by your pet or an intruder that prevents the false alarms from , When you install the motion sensor camera , You will protect your home and family from unwanted intruders .

The motion sensor camera can be hidden from view , They are used in different locations , They can be installed at any entrances or facing any side of our property and we can use them to spot suspicious activity on any part of our land .

The motion sensor cameras are designed for indoor or outdoor use , They can be used to address any safety concern you might have if you want to protect the outside of your home , the inside , or both .

The motion sensor cameras are automatically illuminates dark areas for safety , When the motion camera senses a movement , It automatically lights up the area , This feature is great for both preventing the crime and protecting you when you approach your home at night .

It is easy to install the motion sensor camera , They do not include any cords or wires , You can have it up and running fast by following a few easy instructions , The bright lights can deter a burglar from coming any closer to your home and they can light up dark areas of your property .

The security lights will save your money , With the motion sensor camera , you will no longer need to leave the lights on in any part of your home or outside , If a movement is sensed , The lights will automatically turn on , So , you can reduce your electricity bill .

Home security cameras cons

The motion sensor cameras need to change the batteries , They use the batteries for the power that need to be replaced from time to time , If you forget to change the batteries , your home will be left unprotected .

Some models include the energy-efficient LEDs which extend the battery life , So , you don’t have to worry about the battery replacement as often , The pets can sometimes trip the alarm , or make the motion sensor go off .

Some motion sensor cameras offers insufficient lighting when sensing a movement , So , it can be difficult to determine if there is an intruder on your property or if it is a false alarm .

Motion sensor cameras types , features , advantages and disadvantages

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