The importance and uses of Wi-Fi technology

Wi-Fi is wireless LAN, It is one of the important technologies of the computer networking, It allows the users to connect to the internet technology without the wires, It allows the router to be cordless also, The network is connected through an access point for internet and it is connected to a USB Port.

Wi-Fi technology

Wi-Fi is used for different purposes such as data transmission and wireless communication, With using a Wi-Fi connection whenever possible will most often result in faster, more reliable internet access, and It is cheap.

Wi-Fi allows wireless connection for up to 20 meters, It is also known as Internet Routers, You no longer need cords or internet connections, It is cordless, Wi-Fi does not stand for anything.



Wi-Fi is used for free at restaurants or coffee houses, It sends out Data to LAN and WAN network and these networks allow any connection without using cords, You can take your laptop where ever you want with the option of having a wireless connection with the help of the routers and the adapters.

Hot spots are connected through Wi-Fi, The cell phone companies are supported by GSM, It allows people to always stay connected through Wi-Fi, So it can be used for emergencies.

Wi-Fi is already connecting the Internet to every application that consumers want today, It is enabled to the thermostats, light bulbs, home security, monitoring and control systems, appliances, and automotive products.

Wi-Fi is a single technology that can help make all connections seamless, Wi-Fi applications with practical uses will have success, It has industry-standard security protections, and that consumers can rely on.

Wi-Fi network using WPA2™ which provides both security (you can control who connects), and privacy (the transmissions can’t be read by others) for communications as they travel across your network, and for maximum security, your network should include only devices with the latest in security technology.

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