BMW 3-Series, review, features, performance, advantages and disadvantages

BMW 3-Series model offers the best fuel efficiency , brand value , safety options and comfort among similar luxury car manufactures , It is the most fun cars to drive , It presents one of the best driving experiences in the class , It comes in 4 different categories which are sedans , active hybrids , sports wagons and hatchbacks .

BMW 3-Series Review

BMW 3-Series is an entry level car in the luxury automobile segment , BMW made a number of changes to all its BMW 3-Series luxury vehicles , BMW 3-Series has a brand new 180 horsepower 4-cylinder engine for all 2014 3-Series models , Sports wagon models are re-redesigned and presented as all-wheel drive only .

All the models come with improved interiors and enhanced safety features , There are sedan models that are available as either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive , Rear-wheel drive diesel sedans claim an average of 37 mpg combined rating , All the wheel drive sports wagons claim an average of 35 mpg combined rating .

BMW 3-Series

BMW 3-Series

There are five engines that are available with the 2014 3-Series , The base 2014 BMW 320i has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine , The more powerful turbocharged four-cylinder in the 328i offers impressive acceleration , The standard features in the 3-Series include Bluetooth , a USB port , HD Radio and BMW’s iDrive infotainment system .

Reviewers praised the potent turbocharged six-cylinder engine in the 335i , The new-for-2014 328d is powered by the turbodiesel four-cylinder engine , 3-Series comes standard with rear-wheel drive and an automatic transmission .

All the wheel drive and the manual transmission are available , Every trim in the 3-Series lineup gets great fuel economy for the class , The base 320i gets 24/36 mpg city/highway , while the 328d gets 32/45 that is better than the fuel economy of some 2014 hybrids , With its smooth ride and exceptionally sharp handling , 3-Series is one of the most satisfying cars in its class to drive .

BMW 3-Series’ cabin offers both a clean look & tight construction , Most materials are first-rate , BMW 3-Series has one of the most spacious rear seats in its class , trunk space is about average , If you need more cargo space , consider 3-Series Gran Turismo hatchback and 3-Series Sports Wagon .

The available features include the rear-view camera , the side and top-view cameras , the parking sensors , the adaptive cruise control , navigation , the satellite radio , the Harman Kardon audio system , blind spot monitoring , the head-up display and lane departure warning , iDrive offers sharp graphics , ease of use and quick responses to user inputs .

BMW 3-Series advantages

BMW 3-Series offers high Performance , The first reason for owning a 2014 BMW 3-Series is its superb performance , The driving experience is vastly different for all 2014 BMW 3-Series models , The new 4-cylider engine powers the 3-series models .

The BMW 3-Series vehicles continue to offer the same performance standards which have defined BMW luxury models for decades , The dynamic stability and traction controls present the best possible driving experience , BMW offers 4 driving modes which are Comfort , Sport , Sport+ and Eco Pro .

BMW 3-Series models include the best possible fuel efficiency among luxury car manufacturers , These models average between a combined 24 mpg to 37 mpg on the cities and highways , The customers looking for luxury and fuel efficiency can’t go wrong with the 3-Series models .

If you are looking for a hybrid version , the 3-series active hybrid model is your answer , BMW 3-Series offers superb models , BMW presents a wide choice ranging from sedans and sports wagons to the hybrids and the hatchbacks .

BMW 3-Series models provide BMW Connected Drive , The innovative set of features to help the driver connect with the car and the outside world , BMW assists the e-call feature that connects with a specialist 24/7 in case of an emergency .

BMW offers an intelligent maintenance system that monitors your vehicle and notifies your preferred BMW service center about potential service needs , BMW Online feature offers access to the news , stock quotes and gas prices with the help of a text-to-speech function , The navigation system is available on all models .

We can access the social networks and on-demand music via BMW apps , We can access Internet radio stations from all over the world , We can reach BMW customer service and request assistance if we are locked out , The remote app allows us to lock the car from our smart phone .

3-series models come with the advanced real time traffic information system , that offers access to the real time traffic data , We can transmit text messages and emails from our smart phone to our car’s control screen .

BMW 3-Series models offer many features to assist the driver , The Parking Assistant helps you find a nearby parking lot no more than 5 feet away from your vehicle and it helps you to park your car in the selected parking spot .

The Lane Departure Warning system will warn you if your car moves into another lane without flashing the indicator lights , BMW assists with capturing the speed limits posted on the highways and displaying it to the driver .

BMW 3-Series models present the highest standards in ensuring the driver and the passenger safety , 3-series models offer the impact absorbing bumpers to minimize the impact from the collisions and the potential repairs .

The tire pressure monitor alerts the driver when the tire pressure is low , The tires are equipped to ride to the nearest service center , even with a flat-tire , The BMW passenger restraint system presents maximum protection to the driver and all passengers inside .

BMW models are equipped with eight air bags , The front airbags , the front knee airbags and the head protection system offers maximum safety to the front row passengers , All the BMW 3-Series models are priced reasonably for both new and existing customers .

The superb rider comfort offered by the 2014 BMW 3-Series models is second to none , These models feature coat hangers , 12-volt outlets , the automatic climate control , the spacious seating , the armrests , the cup holders , the power windows and adjustable cargo area , The Leather upholstery is a standard feature in all the wagon models .

BMW 3-Series offers agile handling , It has strong , fuel-efficient engine lineup , It has roomy back seat , It offers user-friendly infotainment system , Redesigned Sports Wagon rejoined lineup , The four-cylinder diesel engine became available in sedan and wagon .

BMW 3-Series disadvantages

The fuel economy offered by the hybrid model is not substantial compared to the regular models , The interior is built using cheaper materials compared to the other luxury car manufacturers .

Learning curve for some drivers may be too high to master all the features in this technology marvel , There are some cheap materials in base model , The base 3-Series has some fake metal accents and faux leather upholstery .

The maintenance on a 3 series ( or for that matter the 5 , 7 series ) is frightening  , It can cost much money a year , Many insurance companies will up your premium unless you get the 4 door sedan ,  The non-dealer BMW shops could be as much as half as expensive as a dealer BMW repair and most are as good or even better than the dealer mechanics .

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