The importance and uses of Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth wireless technology allows us to share the data , the voice , the music , the video and a lot of information between paired devices , It is built into many products , from the mobile phones , the cars to the medical devices and the computers .


Bluetooth technology is a standardized short-range wireless communication technology that uses a low-power radio frequency with low cost , It is interoperable and it sucks up very little energy .

The smartphones uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with other devices , and the portable personal computer or the  laptops are the first one to use Bluetooth technology .

Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth technology

You can make your cell phone ,  laptop , PDA , and car stereo communicate  to each other with Bluetooth wireless technology , You can link your devices without the cables and you can move with your network easily as Bluetooth’s transmission range is about 30 feet .

Bluetooth  technology has the ability of data tethering and apps which allows the handset to share its Internet connection with a connected device , So , you can answer e-mails with a laptop as Bluetooth  technology is very useful in wireless communications .

FM radio , the mobile phones and television all use the radio waves to send the information wirelessly , And while Bluetooth technology also uses the radio waves , it transmits them over a shorter distance .

Bluetooth technology operates in the unlicensed industrial , scientific and medical ( ISM ) band at 2.4 to 2.485 GHz by using a spread spectrum , the frequency hopping , the full-duplex signal at a nominal rate of 1600 hops / sec .

The radios and TV broadcasts can be sent over many miles or kilometers, and Bluetooth technology sends the information within your Personal Area Network or “PAN” ( aka your own personal space ) at the distances up to 100 meters ( 328 feet ) — depending upon the device implementation.

Bluetooth technology is a wireless replacement for the cables on the phones , the  headsets , the keyboards and mice and the top-selling Smartphones , PCs and the tablets all support Bluetooth technology .

The Bluetooth SIG is also seeing the developments where the drivers will monitor the important information like the vehicle diagnostics , the traffic , and even the driver health — all in the real time .

Car Whispering  involves the use of the software that allows the hackers to send and receive audio to and from a Bluetooth enabled car stereo system, So, the  manufacturers of Bluetooth enabled devices are upgrading the security to ensure that these Bluetooth security lapses do not arise with their products to protect against these and other forms of vulnerability .

The Bluetooth can perform file transfer or even synchronization on your laptop , and you can choose to send the file or to browse your device easy and quickly , So , Bluetooth technology can make your life easier .

You can print the documents and the images by Bluetooth, so , you should select a printer that support your Bluetooth device , and you can talk to your friends while chatting through Bluetooth headset .

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