Adobe Photoshop CC importance , uses , tools and features

Adobe Photoshop is the raster graphics editor that developed & published by Adobe Systems for macOS & Windows , It is the best choice for the professional-level art , design & photography , You can directly draw & paint beautiful artworks or digitally colour works drawn on the paper & scanned in or you can mock-up the websites & apps easily .

Adobe Photoshop

It has the ability to edit the raster images in multiple layers , It supports the alpha compositing , masks & several color models including CMYK , CIELAB , RGB , spot color & duotone , Disparate elements can be turned into beautiful photomontage or you can make your photos look more stunning easily (or turn those photos into vector portraits) .

It was created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll , it is used in the raster graphics editing , The word Photoshop becomes a verb as in to Photoshop an image , photoshopping and photoshop contest , though Adobe discourages such use .

Photoshop offers vast support for the graphic file formats but it uses its own PSD and PSB file formats , In addition to the raster graphics , It offers limited abilities to edit or render the text , the vector graphics (especially through clipping path) , 3D graphics & video .

There were two versions of Photoshop existed which are Photoshop and Photoshop Extended before Creative Cloud , The latter contained powerful image , video , analysis & 3D tools ,  You can get all of this in one version with Creative Cloud and Photoshop CC , So , you don’t have to pay any more to get all the exciting features of Photoshop Extended .

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC

Photoshop CC tools

You can make dramatic color changes with one of the easiest & most satisfying of the Adjustment Layers in Photoshop which is Color Balance Adjustment Layer , Masking lets you cover or show the parts of the layer , The white you paint in the mask will be shown and the areas you cover with black will be hidden .

Quick Selection Tool allows you to click & drag over an area to quickly select it , Photoshop offers Quick Mask Tool , You can enter Quick Mask mode & use the Brush tool to simply paint the selection over the area that you wish to select without being constrained .

When you have a selection , you can go Edit > Fill and choose Content Aware Fill from the drop down menu and Photoshop will work its magic to create an amazing fill that matches what should be there .

When the Content Aware Fill isn’t quite right , you can use the Clone Stamp tool to clean things up , Hold Alt/Opt to sample an area of the image and simply paint to copy/clone the sampled bit over to where you’re painting .

Patch Tool can select the blemish in your photo , It can drag the blemish to a good area of the photo & it will work its magic , The Pen Tool is one of the most complex & sought-after tools in Photoshop , It allows you to create very precise & complex selections that you can come back to later on & refine or edit .

Photoshop CC comes with Flames Filter , If you create the path , you can add the flames along that path & this filter will allow you to customize the flame you create to an astounding degree , The Type Tool is pretty straight forward that you can use it to create & edit the text in your document .

TypeKit Fonts is a massive library of high-quality fonts that you can download directly into Photoshop with one-click , It is a free addition to most levels of Creative Cloud membership , Using & Working with Guides are amazing & getting them is as easy as turning on your rulers and dragging out a guide.

Smart Objects is a very powerful feature of Photoshop , You can bundle up any layer(s) into a Smart Object to preserve the quality of them and allow Smart Filters to be used with them , You can use Import Color Themes with Adobe Color , You have to learn to use the powerful & useful Adobe Color to instantly import color schemes to your document.

Field Blur helps you place the pins around your image & base the amount of blur which any given part of your image will receive , You can use this as a Smart Filter for additional flexibility , You can learn some tips & tricks for using the Eyedropper tool to select colors in & out of Photoshop .

“How to use Curves” is a superb feature in Photoshop , The curves is the go-to tool for all tonal & color related changes , Whether you want to reduce the contrast or just do some color-correcting , you can do it all with the curves , Crop Tool is one of the tools that you don’t realize how useful it is until you really start using it .

Gradient Maps allow you to create black & white images & They can be fun , You can adjust the color or adjust the contrast of an image or graphic in a very unique way , The Camera RAW Filter is an amazing & powerful tool-set at your finger tips for any layer in Photoshop ( not just photos ) .

How to Create an Action , When you want to save the time while using Photoshop or you do the same thing over & over again , Actions are exactly what you need & they make Photoshop work for you , You can change the color of live , vector the shapes or type the layers in Photoshop with a single click on Colorize Live Shapes .

Exporting Images and Graphics , You can use the Export As dialog or the legacy Save for Web dialog to export any PSD as a number of different graphics at different sizes , You can change the color of the background around your working area in Photoshop with a simple right-click on Changing the UI Background Color .

The Healing Brush is a tool that allows you to clone like the Clone Stamp but heals by blending the texture from where you’re healing , It is an amazing tool for removing the blemishes from the human skin without destroying it , You can make Photoshop feel a little more like home with custom workspaces .

You can go Select > Color Range & use the eye dropper to create the selection based upon the color within your image (i.e. select all the green in a photo) then refine & increase or decrease that selection , Liquify is the tool that gets all the bad press , You can use it to change the shape , size & figure of an object or person in your photos & it is pretty powerful .

Photoshop comes with Select & Mask feature , It allows you to create & refine the selections , It is a bit of a work in progress at the moment but it has some promise for the future , Convert Objects to 3D/Working with 3D , Learn the ropes of converting and creating 3D objects in Photoshop .

The Rotate View Tool that you can use it to quickly rotate your canvas while working on an image without creating a permanent rotate to your image , Simply press the “Reset View” button to return your image orientation to normal .

The Smart Sharpen filter will save you so much time , You can find Photoshop CC Smart Sharpen in the Filter>Sharpen menu , It helps you reduce the noise & halo effects using the adaptive sharpening technology quickly , You can preview the effect & compare the result to Photoshop’s legacy sharpening tool with a check of a box .

You can use Save to Cloud , You can use Photoshop CC to save your files directly to Creative Cloud & using the desktop app or browser-based dialog , The client receives an email & he can view the project in his browser , saving the files to the Cloud enables you to manage them across multiple machines – desktop , laptop and mobile devices .

Generator technology is a superb workflow addition , It helps you create the image assets in real-time as you work quickly & it will add a new dimension to your workflow , Multi-shape & path selection has the ability to select multiple paths , shapes & vector masks at once , It is a simple & useful addition , Even in multi-layered documents with lots of paths .

Photoshop CC Editable rounded rectangles feature is great for the web designers who wants to export the shapes as CSS data for use in another Adobe app like Muse , Editable rounded rectangles can be a lifesaver , You can resize the shapes , edit them & re-edit them , before or after they’re created .

Photoshop CC offers some improved 3D tools , The 3D Scene Panel helps to switch between the 2D and 3D workflow , Higher quality live previews help you achieve great looks in less time , You can create better glow effects , scene illumination and lighting for the bumps & the textures easily , Cinema 4D Lite offers Effects that make your Creative Cloud 3D workflow a real breeze .

The web designers know that the new CSS From Layers feature enables them to generate CSS code for specific design elements and simply copy & paste the code into Dreamweaver or Muse to get the results you want , Let’s say you designed the rounded rectangle element on the layer .

Colour import from web files is a superb feature , you can import colour swatches directly from HTML , CSS or SVG files , It is great when you need to find the inspiration for the colour scheme or require help to match the existing scheme .

Photoshop CC Camera shake reduction is a useful feature , It is great when you have got some shaky shots due to slow shutter speed or a long focal length & you need to save for the client mock-up or website , It can analyze its trajectory & it helps restore sharpness .

Adobe Photoshop advantages and disadvantages

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