The Art of Penetrating Minds-Social Engineering importance, content and price

The Art of Penetrating Minds is a book that explains how social engineering can be used for deception and hacking, It explains who are hackers and their types and a definition of each type. It interprets in detail, the relationship of social engineering and psychology to the unconscious mind and how it is controlled and persuaded.

The Art of Penetrating Minds

Engineer Mahmoud Safwat writes the book, It is written in Arabic, Engineer Mahmoud Safwat is a technical YouTuber with more than 15 years of experience in IT (information technology), and a specialist in the field of Cyber Security (information security) for more than 9 years. The Art of Hacking Minds has achieved the highest sales in short periods and received the highest positive reviews due to the exclusivity and importance of the information contained in it.

Definition of the book

The Art of Penetrating Minds – Social Engineering: The art of penetrating minds is the field related to the science of social engineering, It is the practices that are carried out to obtain confidential information or communicate information to the user by manipulating the user to make him do something, or reveal confidential information about himself or others without raising suspicion.

In other words, The Art of Penetrating Minds is considered the loophole that exists in humans. This leads to its exploitation and will never end because it depends on the person’s awareness and security sense, so the book aims to raise the volume of your awareness and security sense from any attempt to penetrate human minds.

The Art of Penetrating Minds - Social Engineering

The Art of Penetrating Minds – Social Engineering

The book is exclusive in Arabic and it is suitable for all people because it will help you to raise awareness of protection in the world of the Internet and from many situations that happen around us daily, you did not notice before. The book is electronically purchased in PDF format for easy operation on your mobile or laptop from anywhere and moving between the index and going to the links inside.

The Art of Penetrating Minds sets real examples and ways to protect against this science when used negatively. And about the way the human mind works and its technique in the art of deception. The conscious mind explains the mind we use while awake and which sends thoughts to the unconscious mind (the subconscious mind).

The book mentions the most famous professional engineers who used the field of social engineering (the art of deception) in the field of penetration and applied massive operations that led to their fame. The book explains the types of social engineering related to people and computers, and what are the stages that take place to collect information about the target and exploit it in attack, penetration, or persuasion, and what are the goals of social engineering attacks.

The goal of the social engineering attack is to get information from the target audience. the attackers are deceiving targeted people by various means, including impersonation or requests to fill out forms, False and other fraud methods, The book explains practical examples of protection, and it explains the methods of deception in social engineering.

The book explains the attempts of the most important deception methods that attackers rely on to bring down their victims in all technical fields. It explains the importance of social engineering in the field of psychiatry. The relationship between the psychiatrist and social engineering to understand the patient’s condition and attempt to treat it.

The Art of Penetrating Minds explains the most famous tools used in the field of social engineering to collect information about a person and exploit it either in marketing or hacking. It explains the use of electronic blackmail. The book explains the secret behind the blue whale game and its relationship to social engineering, There is an introduction to the game and its danger, on what basis it is built, and how young people are persuaded to commit suicide.

The book explains the method of using social engineering by international intelligence to analyze and read the thoughts of criminals and find out secret information about criminals that they do not want to reveal and translate the criminal’s body language to know the extent of his credibility.

The book explains practical examples and facts in cases of kidnapping and recruitment through electronic deception by throwing bait such as money or women. The Art of Penetrating Minds explains the use of the media in politics (to control public opinion), The media can use the information to be communicated as they like, The media is mostly based on the art of persuasion and deception through psychology, social engineering, and communication.

The book provides evidence for the involvement of the media and their use of social engineering and control of public opinion, The book shows the extent of lies, deceptions, and misinformation practiced on the public, and other confessions from analysts, Politicians, and media professionals prove the involvement of media to control people.

The book explains the use of the art of penetrating minds (social engineering) in international wars, and e-marketing. the art of penetrating minds puts strategies that are used to convince the visitor to achieve the largest percentage of sales for your products and for the success of your company in a short time and at the lowest cost.

The book explains social engineering in network or pyramid marketing, It explains the scam of the majority of network marketing companies and how thousands of people fall victim to these companies after the use of social engineering (the art of persuasion) to recruit them into the company and profit billions from them.

The Art of Penetrating Minds explains the art of dialogue and control of receiving answers, It explains the ways of dialogue between you and someone and shows you practical examples so that you do not fall into problems or others fall through your speech, the manner of speech and style can change the whole meaning.

The Art of Penetrating Minds explains the methods of social engineering in married life: There are some exclusive methods to increase love between you and your wife at very minimal costs and some important tips that help you to continue your married life, so, you don’t have to be mobile banking to make your wife falls in love with you.

The book comes with some important tips to protect your devices, It explains the method of protection from social engineering and reduces risk to a large extent, You should choose the best and strongest passwords, and you should check your links to eliminate viruses, and activate verification features in your accounts.

You should check your privacy settings for security, and the way to choose safe and encrypted browsers, You should browse safely and anonymously on the Internet. The book price is $5 instead of $20, and The number of pages is 173 pages, Payment methods: Visa – MasterCard – Paypal – Vodafone Cash – Cryptocurrencies.

You can buy the book from this link: The Art of Penetrating Minds-Social Engineering

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