Microsoft Windows advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is a common operating system for the home computer users , It is also commonly found on the workplace and the school computers , Some versions of Windows are used on the servers at the companies and the schools as well  , And it is easy to use .

Windows provides ready-made solutions that can be implemented by just about anyone who’s ever used a computer , Because of the large amount of Microsoft Windows users , there is a much larger selection of available software programs , utilities , and games for Windows .

Microsoft has implemented many changes throughout its versions of Windows to facilitate ease of use  , While it may arguably not be the easiest operating system , it is still less difficult to use than Linux .

Although Windows has  the software programs , utilities , and games for free , the majority of the programs will cost anywhere between $20.00 – $200.00+ US dollars per copy ,  And it has backwards compatibility .

Microsoft windows

Microsoft windows

Microsoft Windows has a very large user base , so , Most hardware manufacturer support Windows drivers for their products ,  And the majority of Windows programs are not open source .

Microsoft has made great security improvements to their operating system over the years , Windows continues to be the most vulnerable to the viruses , the malware , and other attacks .

Microsoft Windows includes its own help section , It has a vast amount of available online documentation and help , and there are books on each of the version of Windows .

Microsoft Windows is available software , There is a huge selection of software available for Windows , This is because of Microsoft’s dominance of the world market for PC computer operating systems and office software .

Windows has an edge over the competition in the area of Plug and Play support for PC hardware Windows will usually do a good job at recognising new hardware .

If you crave the latest in PC gaming technology , then you need Windows , A plethora of gaming titles are available for Windows , as well as lots of special gaming hardware that’s supported .

After Windows had become the world’s most popular desktop operating system , Internet Explorer  ( IE ) became the world’s most popular web browser , IE is only available for Windows , It has made Windows the only choice for those who want to take full advantage of those websites that use Microsoft’s technology , Windows has compatibility with MS driven websites .

Disadvantages of Microsoft Windows

Over 95% of all viruses and malicious software are written for the Windows OS , This means you have to double-down all the security measures if you are using Microsoft software across the board , only Microsoft has full access to its software’s source code .

The security vulnerabilities of Windows operating systems make them popular targets for the programmers of malicious code ,  Whether these vulnerabilities are due to their enormous share of the market or coding errors on the part of Microsoft .

Although Microsoft Windows has made great improvements in reliability over the last few versions of Windows , It still cannot match the reliability of Linux , Microsoft Windows has poor security , Compared to other operating systems .

Microsoft Windows has poor support for older hardware ,  Legacy support for older hardware is gone in Windows 2000 and Windows XP , Microsoft claims this that was necessary to increase the overall stability of their systems .

Microsoft Windows uses high resource requirements , As opposed to the makers of other operating systemsMicrosoft requires its customers to invest the most in their computer hardware ,  a faster processorCPU ) , more internal memory and a larger hard disk .

Windows computers are more likely than other systems to be hijacked and used to distribute everything from spam to pornography  to hate mail , Windows does not generate log files .

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