Windows Media Player features , advantages and disadvantages

Windows Media Player advantages

Windows Media Player is a software program that you can use to listen to CDs or music files , You can watch DVDs ,  and shop for online media , It is free software  , It is available to the users of Windows 95 and later versions of Windows operating system .

There are different versions of Windows Media Player such as version 11 for Windows XP and Vista , and version 12 which comes with Windows 7  , It is a highly versatile program that can be used to view videos , listen to music files and streaming audio such as Internet radio .

You can use Windows Media Player to rip your CDs to your computer’s hard drive , You can use it to burn CDs or DVDs and to sync the files to a portable device such as an MP3 player .

Later versions of Windows Media Player include access to the Media Guide , You can use the Media Guide to  browse a website  for music , movies , TV and Internet radio , It is free for anyone running Windows , And it is the best .

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player Media Guide has advanced features such as the ability to create playlists and synchronize with external devices , It provides an interface where you can download free media and purchase media online  .

Windows Media Player is a full-featured player that plays back audio CDs , audio files , DVDs and videos , It can play some audio and video streams directly from the Internet .

Windows Media Player comes with Windows operating systems such as Windows XP , Vista and 7 , It is ready to use when you set up your computer .

If you install the later version of Windows Media Player , you can roll back to the earlier version , It offers intuitive navigation of the audio and video library.

Videos can be organized by actors , genre or rating , Windows Media Player can create playlists , You can mix up the songs from different albums in any order in your playlist , then You can save your playlist for future use .

For Windows users , Windows Media Player is the best and easy way to copy your CD collection to the hard drive , It is  powerful to meet most people’s needs but it has limitations .

Windows Media Player is easy to learn , It has little no work to rip music once configured , You need nothing to download or install it , It can automatically rip upon inserting a CD .

You can ripe CDs with Windows Media Player easily , It requires three mouse clicks or less to rip a CD , You need nothing to Download or Install , Windows Media Player is found in Windows , You need only launch it from the Start Menu .

Windows Media Player automatically downloads all the information about the CD that you’re ripping , and it embeds the information in the MP3 files , Your files will have the name of the album , artist name , song title , year and more .

Ripping with Windows Media Player can be very easy ,  Just insert your CD and Windows Media Player ejects the CD when it’s finished ripping .

Disadvantages of Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player can not stream video properly  over slow DSL connections , It is limited as to which portable devices it can sync to , it won’t sync to an iPod or even Microsoft’s own Zune , the classic Windows menu is disabled by default .

Windows Media Player has small album cover art , It has no volume normalizing , It is limited to Windows and MP3 formats , It is inflexible MP3 file and folder naming , It has less flexibility in choosing sound quality , MP3 is the most compatible format available .

Windows Media Player downloads the picture of the CD cover by 200×200 pixels , Other CD ripping programs download images of 300×300 pixels or better , This increase in the picture size can decrease  your ability to read smaller type and seeing smaller artwork details .

However, other formats offer features ,  MP3 doesn’t , Microsoft’s Windows Media Audio format and  AAC format offer smaller file sizes ,  Other formats offer surround sound .

Windows Media Player , you only have two format choices which are MP3 and  Windows Media Audio , It is inflexible file and folder naming  .

Windows Media Player has limited sound quality choices , MP3 format offers 18 levels of quality , Windows Media Player offers exactly four levels .

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