Linux Operating System advantages and disadvantages

Linux is an operating system that can be installed on the wide variety of computer hardware, ranging from the mobile phones, the tablet computers and the video game consoles, to the mainframes and the supercomputers, It is an open source software and free operating system (OS).

Linux advantages

Linux is available for free or at a much lower price than Microsoft Windows, Linux variants and versions are notoriously reliable and they can run for months and years without needing to be rebooted, It is relatively stable, The computers that run on UNIX operating system is known to run stable indefinitely.

Most of the software programs, the utilities, and the games available on Linux are freeware or open source, The complex programs such as GIMP, OpenOffice, and StarOffice are available for free or at a low cost, You do not need to throw your old computers, It is still can be used for certain purposes by using Linux.

Most of Linux variants and programs are open source and they enable the users to customize or modify the code as they choose, Security in Linux is more superior than Windows, almost all Windows users would be exposed to the viruses, the spyware, Trojans, the adware, etc, That almost does not happen on Linux.



Linux is used as the operating system for the servers at the companies and at the schools, It is used for the home computers but often by the users with more technical knowledge and background, It is always a very secure operating system, and it is more secure than Windows.

Linux operating system is a free open source operating system, there is no license fee for buying or using Linux, It is easy to use, It is almost as easy as using Windows ِand all the applications included in Windows have been alternative in Linux.

Linux is very stable, It rarely crashes, when it crashes, the whole system does not go down, It is less vulnerable to the computer malware, and it has a better backward compatibility.

Linux operating system is one of the first open-source technologies but many programmers have contributed and added software that is completely open-source for any user, So, anyone can download the source code and change it.

The open-source technologies such as Linux have the wide range of options that are available to the users, and they have the increased security, With Linux being open-source, The several distributions are available to the end-user.

Linux disadvantages

Although Linux variants are improved dramatically in ease of use, Windows is still considered to be easier to use for the non-technical computer users, Windows-based PCs are much more likely to be found in the schools or the workplace setting.

There are some hardware devices are not supported by Linux, The hardware manufacturers usually write the drivers for Windows but not all brands write the drivers for Linux.

Linux has many available software programs, the utilities, and the games but Windows has larger software programs, The hardware support from certain vendors are not too good to Linux, The installation of the software is not as easy as in Windows.

Linux does not dominate the market like Windows, It is difficult to find the applications to support your needs but more programmers are developing the applications that are supported by Linux, Many people have problems with running the printers on Linux, and Blu-ray discs cannot play using Linux.

There is no one standard edition of Linux, Linux is not as easy to use as Windows or Mac, It requires knowledge about computing than other operating systems, It can be very challenging for a beginning user, When you use Windows or Mac, you will have to unlearn and relearn many different functions and processes.

Some programs will not run on Linux, while there are hundreds of choices of programs that are similar to specific Windows or Mac software, Less computer hardware is compatible with Linux, and there is a much smaller selection of drivers that will work with Linux.

There are many Linux users that are very helpful in answering your technical questions in the forums and the chat rooms, it can be more difficult to get assistance for your issues, There is no immediate help,  it can be difficult to find a computer repair person who is versed in Linux.

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