Online marketing uses , advantages and disadvantages

Internet marketing has different forms such as pay-per-click , search engine optimization campaigns , email marketing campaigns & banner advertising , It is different from the traditional marketing because you have the potential to reach the people globally , It becomes more popular & improving every day .

Online market advantages

Online marketing allows you to sell goods without setting up your own online store , Selling through Internet marketing provides the flexible business opportunity with relatively low start-up costs , Many small businesses advertise the traditional way but they are looking to expand & explore Internet marketing .

Internet marketing gives you tracking results , You can track the results of your advertising that will be illustrated in detailed graphics , It will give you traffic growth , leads and sales conversions from your marketing search campaigns .

Online market is personalized , It allows you to tailor your message and ads based on your customer’s previous purchase history or preferences , Sending the customer a personalized e-mail has a far greater impact than sending a generic message to all your e-mail subscribers .

Internet marketing allows you to overcome the distance barriers ,  you can reach & sell to anyone in the world with Internet access ,You’re not limited to your local region , Internet marketing allows you to build the relationships , The social media is a great platform for engaging your customers in a two-way conversation .

Online market

Online market

Internet marketing offers an additional channel to market & sell your products , The platform presents reduced marketing costs compared to the other sales channels , It allows new opportunities for the overseas sales , It is popular with the customers , It offers a convenient way to compare the prices & the products from a single source .

Internet marketing offers impartial reviews of your products & service that may give new customers the confidence to buy , It presents opportunities to establish new trading partnerships with the traders & suppliers , It saves the fuel as there is no need for the vehicles , so , no purchase of fuel necessary .

Internet marketing offers greater transparency , The availability , prices & stock levels are accessible in an open environment , Online market allows you to shop from any vendor , at any time , anywhere in the world , Virtual window shopping enables all the users to shop across multiple marketplaces .

The online shopping stores are open round the clock of 24/7 , 7 days a week and 365 days , It is very rare to find any conventional retail stores that are open 24/7 , There are online deals & promotions , Before you checkout , you can scour the Internet for online coupon codes or special discounts , You no longer have to get to the mall to shop & You can come back to your cart whenever you want .

Internet marketing can save the time , with just a couple of clicks of the mouse , You can purchase your shopping orders & move to the other important things , Shopping online can be very convenient for busy people , It cuts down the bad habits of standing in a long line & waiting , Every online store is designed with unique individual ordering features to purchase the item .

Internet marketing saves the energy , You do not need to waste your precious energy when buying , You can compare between the prices , Advanced innovation of search engines allow you to check the prices & compare with a few clicks easily , So , You can determine which online store offers the most affordable item you are going to buy .

Internet marketing offers demographic platforms which help you to target & measure the response from different demographic regions , It allows you to target specific people or specific consumers which are likely to buy your product .

We can get a free listing in many online business directories , We can contact your customers by many methods such as sending mail , printing the brochures & paying for the postal costs , We can pinpoint our target market & reach them in cost effective ways , The cost of placing an ad online is less than placing an ad in a newspaper or billboard .

Online market disadvantages

There’s a more competition , Promoting your business online offers the international reach but not everyone uses the internet , You need to truly understand your target audience before you decide to market yourself online , The internet is constantly evolving & there’s a lot to learn , You may not know everything about Internet marketing .

There’s no personal interaction , Some customers enjoy the shopping experience of being in a store , There is shipping rates , Though some companies offer free flat rate shipping , it may come at a cost , The clothing store may offer free shipping but at a minimum of a $50 purchase .

If you do not like the item , You will want to return it or be refunded your money , It is tedious & It is prolonged since you would have to ship back the item and wait on the buyer to refund your payment .

Internet marketing can charge commission on every sale , Fees can vary from site to site , Before selling your products on the marketplace , make sure you understand the marketplace’s pricing structure and you have to see fees for selling .

Online stores may impose the restrictive terms & conditions in terms of how you can communicate with the customers , There may be marketplace limitations as to how your business can brand its online presence .

Slow internet connections can cause difficulties , If the companies build too complex or too large websites , it will take too long for the users to check them or download them , They will get bored eventually , The e-commerce doesn’t allow the user to touch the merchandise before purchasing it , So , some salesmen are starting to guarantee the possibility of returning the product .

Many users still don’t trust in the electronic methods of paying and give up buying online because of this , There is a lack of trust of the users because of the constant virtual promotions that appear to be frauds , This is an aspect that deteriorates the reputation of quality and honest companies .

Other drawback is the cash on delivery system , It doesn’t guarantee the 100% purchase of the product , Many users dedicate themselves to daily mock big companies by ordering on the internet using the false identities .

If we are one of those shoppers who want to touch , see and test the product personally , at online shopping , We can not do so , Online stores are only showing the product description and the photos of the merchandise which can be a disadvantage for many online shoppers .

Unlike buying at the retail stores , you can use the product instantly after you buy it which can be satisfying but online shopping requires patience to wait for the item to arrive at your door step about 2 to 3 days or even longer depending on the location you’ve ordered it from .

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