Safari web browser advantages, disadvantages, review & features

Safari has speed compatibility, It is easy to use, The page-load times is impressive, It provides all of the security features, It cleans up unnecessary junk, It is great for Mac users and free to download, It is extremely fast to download for Mac users, and you can add extensions from Safari Extensions.

Advantages of Safari

Safari is easy in navigation, It has a clean and simple layout, It is easy bookmarking, Multiple tabs can be opened simultaneously, You can save the tabs for the future use, Safari is the best browser for Mac business users. Safari supports a great search plug-in, It is the fastest web browser, It looks nice and clean, it has private browsing, It is an Internet browser by Apple, The supporting shortcuts are helpful, And it has good security features.

Safari is a web browser that comes preloaded on all Mac computers and iOS devices but it is also available for Windows computers, It is only used by 4% of people, It has easy zooming options, and it covers flow history searching. Safari offers cross-platform features that you can use on your iOS mobile device and it has fast page load times, It has a lot of extensions, It is available for both Mac and PC, It provides bookmarking and RSS feeds, It has tabulation and top sites feature.

Safari web browser

Safari web browser

If you use Safari on more than one device, Safari offers some really useful features via sharing information through your iCloud account, Safari can track recent tabs across iOS and OS X, so, if you find an interesting website on your iPhone, you will find it on Safari on your Mac by clicking the “iCloud Tabs” button.

Safari saves the bookmarks and the reading lists across the devices through your iCloud account, your usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers, Safari has spelling and grammar check tools, it has Download Manager, It is efficient and fast, and it has developer tools.

Safari is secure, It has many features that you would expect from a web browser such as options for private browsing which prevents web pages from being saved to your computer or the ability to block the websites from loading cookies on your Mac and tracking your website activity.

Safari comes with a share button, so, you can send links to friends or post them on Facebook directly from the browser, if you click on a link to a suspicious or harmful website, Safari warns you before opening the page, If you are looking for more features, Safari has a full library of extensions that include productivity tools, security features & translation plug-ins.

Disadvantages of Safari

Safari has a lack of customization options that many competitors offer, The support system may be missing some options for the users in FAQ section, there is trouble with Google’s built-in search engine that can’t be changed, and there is a difficulty of deleting cookies on exit automatically.

Updates to Safari are rare, Some websites do not support Safari, Although pop-ups are rare, It is hard to turn off pop-ups, it has boring look, It is founded by Apple Inc, therefore it is limited to Apple products, Safari has vulnerability to the malware, It has slow moments, It is not always compatible, There are a lot of security flaws, The flash does not work well with Safari.

Security is an issue for many users who use Safari for Windows, as security is not usually an issue for MAC users, The users who are well versed in MAC version of this program should take extra precautions when browsing the internet as it is vulnerable to intrusion by the malware like any other program, Any Windows user who is looking for something more efficient than Internet Explorer might not want to make the transition to Safari as it has its issues like any other browser.

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