What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet ?

Advantages of Internet

The Internet makes our life very simple and convenient , There are numerous online services , We can perform all your transactions online ,  And we can book the tickets  , we can transfer the money, And  we can pay the  taxes and the utility bills  from our home . 

You can download numerous  software in the computer ,  You can download innumerable games , music , videos , movies , and many other entertainment software from the Internet , And most of them are free .

You can use the e-mail to send and receive the instant electronic messages  , It works like writing the letters , The messages are delivered instantly to people anywhere in the world , while the traditional mail  takes a lot of time .

You can  shop online as there are many online stores and sites that can be used to look for the products , You can buy them using your credit card , So , you do not need to leave your house and can do all your shopping from your home .

Advantages and disadvantages of internet

Advantages and disadvantages of internet

You can search for new information , there are hundreds of references that may be beneficial for your research , you can access the  information as  the Internet is a real treasure of information , You can find any kind of information in any topic in the Internet .

The search engines are at your service on the Internet ? At anytime , You can search for numerous research or you can use them for the purpose of gathering resources .

Everybody must know that the search engines on the Internet can help you to find the data on any subject that you need as everything is available , while in the past , you need to go through hundreds of books and the references , It was a difficult to research .

The Internet gives you new chances to widen the communication and deepen the relationships , You can stay in touch with family and friends by using the chat-rooms and the messaging tools such as MSN , Skype , Whatsapp , and Facebook  which is a very popular site which allows people to share the  photos with others .

You can chat online as there are many chat rooms on the web that can be accessed to meet new people , you can make new friends , You can stay in touch with old friends , And you can meet friends worldwide and exchange the different cultures as the Internet is  easy and cheap communication .

You can also use the Internet for the entertainment , you can surf the Internet , you can download the games or play them online , you can surf the celebrity websites that use the Internet for their promotional campaigns .

The Internet is the best and cheapest way to promote your business or product , you can  have your own website and start reaching your potential customers , You can also use Blogger if you don’t want to spend money for your website .

Disadvantages of Internet

Anyone can access and download millions of pornographic photos and videos , Pornography  can get in the hands of young children too easily as there are thousands of pornographic sites on the Internet that can be easily found  , they are very dangerous for the children and teenagers  .

If you use the Internet , your personal information such as your name and address can be accessed by other people , And if you use a credit card to shop online ,  your credit card information can  be stolen , And people can access this information through unsecured connections or by planting software and then use your personal details for their benefit .

Hackers can create the viruses that can get into your personal computer and ruin the valuable data , And they can use the internet for identity theft .

Most  people keep away from their friends and family, they meet on the social networks , Some people get addicted to the internet and It causes many problems with their interactions of friends and loved ones , And they waste a lot of time on the internet , the children prefer to play online games , So , they do not go out and they do not play with other kids .

The Internet users are plagued by the virus attacks on their systems , Virus programs are inconspicuous and may get activated if you click a seemingly harmless link , The computers connected to the Internet are very prone to targeted virus attacks and may be crashed .

Spamming is from the worst things in the Internet , It means that to send unsolicited e-mails in bulk which serve no purpose and unnecessarily clog up the entire system , and it can threaten the computer to be crashed if you click on the harmful links in it , It obstructs the computer system , It makes it slower to access our email accounts and it makes the entire service unreliable for consumers .

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