Benefits of using UC Browser HD 3.0 on your big screen mobile

UC Browser for Android provides you fast and smooth web surfing experience, It is a  free mobile browser, The adaptable configuration helps you adjust your way of browsing under different network connections, allowing you to reduce the data costs and speed up page loading with compression.

Benefits of  UC Browser HD 3.0 

UC browser reached 500 million global users in March 2014, It can be used to share to Facebook and Twitter, with the WP version offering more sharing options, It is a mobile browser developed by UCWeb (also known as UC Mobile).

UC Browser is now available on platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, Java ME, and BlackBerry,  There are two versions of UC Browsers available on App Store which are UC Browser+ for iPhone and UC Browser+ HD for iPad.

UC Browser uses cloud acceleration and data compression technology, UC Browser’s servers act as a proxy which compresses the data of web pages before sending it to the users,  This process helps load web content faster.

UC browser

UC browser

UC Browser HD 3.0 for Android especially designed for your big screen mobile device, It has just been released featuring major upgrades, It brings perfect support for video and gesture control on the tablets.

You get a smart built-in video player, Not all browsers are smart enough to maximize your device’s bigger screen, UC Browser HD 3.0 comes with an intuitive video player that makes your video viewing experience even better.

Because UC Browser is smart, It automatically activates the built-in player when you play a video on a web page, So, you can use the gesture control, Hence, The volume, brightness and playback progress of the video can be adjusted with a single finger slide.

UC Browser allows multi-touch gestures for more convenient browsing, Although you get more space on a tablet, It is harder to pick out something specific on the screen like a Back or Forward button.

The gestures in UC Browser HD solve this problem with more intuitive navigation, There is no need to find and tap a button, You can switch tabs simply by swiping two fingers to the left/right, and open or close a tab by swiping up or down.

You can go forward / backward through a web page by swiping one finger to the left/right, This just makes browsing on a big screen a whole lot easier, It is now the most downloaded third-party web browser on the OS, Its popular features include Download, Incognito Browsing and Wi-Fi Sharing.

There is Intelligent Text Zoom for easier reading, On tablets, The web pages typically zoom out to fit the screen, So, The text is becoming too small to read,  UC Browser HD automatically magnifies the text on the web pages with a text body, UC Browser protects your eyes while providing you with better reading experience.

UC browser has a night mode theme which helps our eyes and saves the battery in the nights, UC browser users can download the files via U disk which the user can download the files from U disk to the device memory anytime.

In UC browser, The user can copy the texts from any page on the internet via the free copy option, It has a powerful download manager for a mobile device which helps the users to download the big files from the internet, UC Browser will become invalid file if you move, copy or send it to another device from the original downloaded device.

UC browser can adapt to different network environments and support multi-file format downloading, It has an HTML5 web app and cloud syncing features.

UC Browser supports simultaneous downloads and includes a download manager, including the pages for offline reading, It supports pause and resumes downloads, The new version of download manager has improved features to solve the problems while downloading such as an intermittent internet connection and mislabeled files.

The download process will continue even after you completely close UC Browser and the download process will automatically resume if the download is interrupted for some reason.

The cloud system used by the browser distributes the data from the closest servers, So, The loading process is quicker and smoother, A ” View it later ” mode caches web pages with their videos, images, and text for offline viewing.

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