Shared web Hosting advantages, disadvantages & features

Shared Web Hosting means that one physical server and the allocated resources which hosted on that server are shared between many users, on the shared hosting platform, Each user has his own limit on the particular services such as the disk space, monthly traffic, email accounts, FTP accounts, the bandwidth, and the databases, etc.

All the performance resources on a physical machine (server) are shared, The RAM and CPU, the single Apache server, There are single MySQL server and single Mail server are on a shared basis, There is no definite number of websites that the single server may host.

Shared Hosting advantages

Shared web hosting is the most commonly used method of hosting, Shared web hosting has an economic advantage, You can handle your website easily without a special skill set, You can ask for the extra storage space, Every sort of software can be installed.

A shared hosting service means that a number of websites are hosted in a single server, It is called a shared hosting plan, It is cheaper than dedicated hosting and VPS, You can have multiple email accounts at your own domain, and You can have more than one database.

Shared web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

Hosting provider takes care of the administration and maintenance, It solves the technical issues of the server, You can get MySQL and PHP support, You can get cPanel or other user-friendly application which are designed to make the website management easy.

Shared web hosting is cheap, It will fit your needs depends on the size of the web sites hosted, You don’t need to perform the technical maintenance on the server when you run the programs, It saves time and headaches because another one takes care of the server maintenance, So it is the best choice for the small to medium websites.

You need to upload the website or the web-based system and configure it to work, You can create email accounts and a database, although some websites share the same resources, most shared hosting plans offer supervision, maintenance & technical support.

Shared web hosting is very easy to use, It is easy to set up and manage the websites, You do not have to configure the server by yourself, Shared hosting service providers can set up the shared server, They will install and upgrade the necessary software, They will monitor the servers to avoid downtime, They will fix all the security issues to ensure the safety of the server and the website uptime.

What you need to do is to add your domains and website to the server, The best shared hosting service providers such as Bluehost, Justhost, Arvixe, and they can set up your hosting account instantly, Shared web hosting servers and packages are the cheapest hosting when you share the server with other hosting customers, The server will host your websites with the other websites on the same server.

Disadvantages of Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting offers a limited number of resources, Your website performance can be affected by other websites that hosted on the shared server, You may face long-term problems with scalability and backup, and you will have limited customer support only.

In shared hosting, there is a possibility to face security issues for sharing a common server, You may have to configure firewall settings for certain applications, If you want to assign a static IP address to your website, many shared hosting plans will not allow it.

Shared hosting plans have the security issues that the server faces, Shared servers are usually prone to hacking attacks, Malicious activity which the server suffers will affect the whole network of the websites using the server.

When you need to share the resources of a single server, your website may experience sluggishness brought about by the request for other sites resources, You may experience the resource limitation because everybody in the network uses the same CPU, memory, and hard drive.

The server can be swamped by the requests or the overloaded that can cause it to stop, Your hosting plan has fewer features than dedicated hosting plans, due to the security policy, some of the available ports and connections are limited.

You can not use any other software aside from what is provided by the hosting provider, When the other websites on the server use too much server or bandwidth resources, your websites may be affected, shared web hosting offers less server and bandwidth resources, you will have less server and bandwidth resources in comparison to those dedicated hosting servers.

You can’t choose your neighbors on the shared hosting server environment, You should stop those websites consuming too many system resources, you have more downtime risk, So, you should have dedicated web hosting.

Shared hosting offers poor customization flexibility, When shared web hosting servers have a lot of the websites on the same server, you will have less privilege to access and manage the web server, and you are not able to install some server script to the shared server.

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