Software firewalls, Hardware firewalls use, advantages & disadvantages

The firewall is a computer security device that can work at the software or the hardware level to prevent unwanted outside access to the computer system, It allows you to control the traffic, Good firewall prevents bad Guys from breaking in and it helps keep confidential data from being sent out.

Firewalls advantages

The firewall is one of the most effective forms of protection developed against the hackers operating on the Internet, Firewalls use a variety of techniques to protect against the attacks such as proxy servers.

The firewall controls the network access to one or more computers, The Internet is a large network that includes your computer, The firewall protects your computer by acting as a gate through which both all the data must pass, It blocks certain kinds of traffic.

The firewalls mask your IP address and limit traffic types, The external computers communicate with them, instead, The firewalls limit the connections to the trusted networks only.

Hardware Firewalls

Hardware Firewalls

The firewall is a boundary or a wall to keep the intruders from attacking the network, It is a network device that is in between a private network and the internet, It is configured to inspect the network traffic that passes between the network and the internet. 

When your private network is connected to the internet, It allows anyone to access the information from the external sources, it allows the external users to enter the private network and steal the information from the network,  and you should have the firewalls to protect them.

There are mainly two types of firewalls which are the software firewalls and the hardware firewalls, The hardware firewall or the router is connected to the Internet and your network, The routers are separate devices that protect your entire network.

The hardware firewalls are used for faster response times, and they handle more traffic loads, The firewall is less prone to the attacks, This in turn reduces the security risk, The hardware firewalls have enhanced security controls.

The hardware firewall provides more complete protection than the software firewalls, The hardware firewall can protect the network of computers.

Since they don’t run on your system, The hardware firewalls don’t affect system performance, They do not depend on your operating system and software applications.

The software firewalls are cheaper, They are ideal for personal or home use, They can be configured or reconfigured easily.

The individual system’s operating system-based firewall can provide great security, but a network-based firewall such as the router can protect multiple systems, The firewall will help shield your computer from outside hacker attacks.

Disadvantage of firewalls

A dedicated hardware firewall costs more than a software firewall, It is difficult to install, and upgrade, It takes up physical space, and involves wiring.

The hardware firewalls tend to be more expensive than the software firewalls, When the hardware firewalls can not run on the computer, they can be challenging to configure.

The software firewalls take up system resources, It is difficult to remove or uninstall the firewall,  The hardware firewall eases this burden.

Configuring and maintaining the firewall can be difficult, The network firewall can lend less security, encouraging them not to maintain security at the machine level.

The firewalls can be difficult to use correctly especially for the new users, They may block the users from performing certain actions on the Internet until the firewall configured correctly.

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