The advantages and disadvantages of Anti-virus software

You are not safe from the viruses or spyware , The latest viruses are designed to travel from one computer to another across the Internet , Anti-virus software is a software that used to detect , quarantine and remove the virus from either the computer files or the computer systems , from data files and programs that are infected with .

Anti-virus software

The virus is a program that deliberately to damage or interfere with any application or data so that the programs and the data are not proficiency level in normal conditions can  be damaged , And although some anti-virus programs are quite pricey , Many free anti-virus programs are available that will protect your system .

Advantages of Anti-virus software

When you install the anti-virus software on your computer, You get protection against the viruses, Trojans , worms , spyware , adware , rootkits and keyloggers.

Many people click on the suspicious links or the attachments in emails, They visit untrustworthy websites and they install the questionable software , So , having the anti-virus program can decrease the likelihood of getting infected .

Anti-virus software

Anti-virus software

When you install anti-virus software on your computer , You will prevent the viruses such as Trojans , malware and spyware, The viruses range in severity from the harmless to the downright system crippling .

Not only a virus can destroy all of the valued data on your computer , It can make the computer utterly worthless by infecting and destroying the vital processes to your computer’s performance .

Anti-virus program will protect you while you surf the Internet , preventing hackers from gaining access to personal things such as credit card information and bank account access .

The firewall feature included with most anti-virus software will block any unauthorized incoming connections to your network or computer ,  preventing the hackers from digging their hooks into your life and your computer .

When the viruses infect your computer , They can slow down your processing speeds, delete critical and important personal files and images , and they cause irreparable physical damage to your computer, The viruses can cost you thousands in computer replacement costs and they cause you to lose very important documents and photos .

The antivirus software can protect you from the spyware and identity theft , The spyware is a kind of software that is specifically designed to infect your computer and spy on you , The spyware seeks and steals all your personal information stored on your computer , This can include financial data, passwords, social security numbers , credit card numbers and anything else the spyware can detect .

The hackers can use the information to make purchases with your credit card , perform banking transactions and anything else they can get away with , Identity theft is a major headache for victims and it can cause you to lose money and receive negative marks on your credit report , The best software that offers anti-virus protection also protects you from the spyware .

The antivirus software protect you from Spam which is incredibly annoying when you are bombarded with emails and ads that you have no interest, Spam is most likely the result of a virus stored on your computer.

Disadvantages of antivirus software

Anti-virus software slows down PC or network, Installing and running anti-virus software can use up a lot of computer memory & hard disk space and slowing down your PC .

There are new security holes to exploit in the operating system and networking software that would give the viruses another entry point that  bypasses the anti-virus software , Anti-virus software in use today is fairly effective but only if it is kept updated and the user takes the precautions.

When you install anti-virus, It is not a firewall & it will not prevent you from getting hacked , Sometimes you need to install a firewall software also or install a full internet security suite to fully protect your computer.

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