Harmful health effects of the computer on the human body

People who use the computers for an extensive period of time may complain about headaches & pains in their wrists, arms & necks, These pains are due to using the computer keyboard for a long amount of time, They also suffer from muscle pain due to fatigue, So, You should take breaks when typing on the computer.

Harmful effects of computer

The computer use can cause vision problems which are called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), The glare on the screen of the computer, the reduced level of contrast of text to the background, and letters not being as sharp or clear, This can put more stress on your eyes, The symptoms of CVS include eye strain, blurred vision, headaches & dry eyes, These symptoms are only temporary and begin to be reduced when you are not using the computer.

Many computers have CRT or Cathode Ray Tube, monitors that give off X-ray radiation that can affect your health, The computer radiation can cause cancer, tumors, miscarriage and birth defects, headaches and insomnia, You can avoid exposing yourself to this radiation by limiting your time using the computer or by increasing your distance from the computer.

The computers are made of heavy metals and dangerous chemicals, The heavy metals including Lead which can be found in the Cathode Ray Tube, the glass of the monitor, and the solder in the circuit board of the CPU.

Bad effects of computer

Bad effects of the computer on human health

CRT monitor can have up to 2.2kg of lead-based on the glass used, Lead poisoning can happen through the fumes, food contamination, skin absorption, Lead is harmful to the children because it interferes with the development of the nervous system, It is a neurotoxin that can harm the kidneys and the reproductive systems, Even low levels of lead can be harmful to the child’s mental development.

Mercury can be found in the circuit boards and the internal switches, Mercury poisoning can include symptoms such as burning skin, the skin discoloration, the shedding of the skin, It is linked to the brain and the kidney damage and harmful to developing fetus, It can be passed to an infant via the breast milk.

Brominated Flame Retardants may cause thyroid damage and harm the fetal development, Beryllium which is a carcinogen that can cause lung disease, Cadmium which can be found in a coating on monitor glass, batteries, chip resistors and the wires, Cadmium can damage the kidneys and the bones, and PCV which emits highly toxic dioxin when incinerated.

When you use the computer for a very long period of time, you will suffer from backache, headaches, weight gain or loss, disturbances in sleep, carpal tunnel syndrome, and blurred or strained vision, The late-night computer sessions cut into much-needed sleep time, Long term sleep deprivation causes the drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, and depression of the immune system.

The computer addiction can cause physical damage, Using the mouse and the keyboard for many hours every day can lead to the repetitive stress injuries, The back problems are common among the people who spend a lot of time sitting at the computer desks.

When you spend hours at a computer without getting any meaningful exercise, so, The computer addiction can indirectly lead to the poor overall physical condition and even obesity, The incorrect locations of your computer devices can strain your shoulders, When your mouse and keyboard are positioned such that you need to reach for them, your shoulders extend forward and your shoulder blades rotate.

Too much of this activity stretches your shoulder muscles, and this results to spasm, fatigue, headaches, and the stiffness in the neck and the shoulder, Long term effects may include severe shoulder pain and muscular imbalance.

It is very important to put less stress on your shoulders, So, You should place your keyboard and mouse where you do not have to strain to reach for them, Your mouse should be comfortably near you, Your table should be at a height where you don’t have to reach up while typing on your keyboard.

When you sit in front of your computer for four to six hours straight, your back would experience a great amount of stress, Numerous hours of sitting and bad posture would result in noticeable back pains, There may be cases when the back pain becomes so severe that one is not able to work, You can keep your back in good shape, After every hour, stand up and walk around your office or home for a few minutes.

When you make heavy use of your hands and wrists as you work on the computer, As you type continuously, You put much stress on the joints and the soft tissues of your fingers, the hands, and the wrists, and you should correct your typing habits to avoid many problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

You should practice good typing techniques to avoid having problems in your hands, You should type gently on the keyboard and avoid pounding your fingers on it, Always hold the mouse lightly and don’t hold it too tightly, You also need to stretch and rest your hands after 20 to 30 minutes of typing, You can rest your hands while you stand up and walk around your workplace.

You should rest your eyes to prevent the eye problems, Take a 10-minute break every hour when you are working on the computer, Your monitor should be directly in front of you, and should be 24-26 inches away from you, Remember to use larger fonts and good color contrasts, These things will reduce the eye strain while you are working.

You listen to the music while working through your headphones, And if you continue doing this, you may experience temporary hearing loss and the headaches, In the worst cases, You may suffer from permanent hearing loss.

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