The importance and uses of computer technology in pharmacy

Using technology in pharmacy is very useful for the pharmaceutical profession, It improves the pharmacists work, It gives them more time to help the customers, Using the computers reduce the time, expenditure and manpower required for any kind of work, The research will be long-lasting and expensive without using the computers.

Using computers is useful for patient profile monitoring, drug interactions, medication, database management, material management, drug information services, patient counseling, billing & purchasing.

The bar codes on the bottles and the containers allow the pharmacies to record the drugs and the compounds which they have on hand and their quantities of them, they help to confirm that the right product has been delivered, stored, retrieved and dispensed to the customers.

The pharmaceutical companies developed the drug information database system to manage the various information generated during the development of the new products and after the launch of the products, So, they provide safe and quality of drugs to medical professionals and finally to the patients.

Computer in pharmacy

Computer in Pharmacy

The computers can help run the business operations efficiently, They make it easier to handle routine business tasks such as recording, tracking and paying the vendor bills, The computers can improve patient safety, they help to provide high-quality care, and they help the patients make the most of their medicines as they provide the tools for monitoring the efficacy and safety of medicines in use.

The computer is very useful for the pharmaceutical industry, As it is very useful for drug design, crude drug identification, drug information, storage and retrieval, bulk drug and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The computers are useful for the hospital and clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical analysis, and diagnosis and data analysis, they can store patient records, and they facilitate electronic prescribing.

The computers provide the prices for the medications as possible substitutes automatically update the prices, the scans prices from the bar codes.

The computers are useful for locating the items by various means (the brand name, the product code, the category, the generic name, the supplier, etc), they give updates of prices and other product information.

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