How can you keep the stomach & digestive system healthy?

The bad habits that affect the digestive system must be avoided, It is very important to keep your digestive system healthy if you want to live a happy life and avoid digestive system diseases.

Keep the digestive system healthy

You must eat food that is rich in fibre as vegetables and fruits as fiber make the digestion process very easy, and you should eat healthy food.

Do not rush eating, The food should be chewed well as the digestion begins in the mouth, chewing also signals the organs such as the stomach and the pancreas to secrete their digestive juices.

You should not buy food from street sellers to avoid infectious diseases, and do not eat food that contains flavour additives.

Avoid much food that contains large amounts of fats as fast meals, and you should reduce your intake of saturated fats.

Do not smoke and you should avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol to have a healthy life away from diseases, You should practise sports regularly as regular exercise helps in strengthening the muscles of the abdomen.

The digestion process requires a large amount of blood flow to your stomach and intestines, So, you should not exercise after a large meal.

You should drink suitable amounts of fluids especially water as the digestion process needs a great amount of water because it helps in breaking down the food into simple substances.

Do not drink cold drinks while eating, Food is digested more efficiently at room temperature, and cold fluids slow down the digestion process.

You should eat the meals at regular intervals, you should not skip meals, You should avoid overeating, and try to have a short walk after every meal.

Be quiet, avoid stress as it affects the nerves of the digestive system, and do not be nervous, You should not neglect your digestive system as it is directly impacted by the food and lifestyle you live.

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Best ways to keep your stomach and digestive system healthy

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