The general side effects of hormone therapy in cancer treatment

The hormonal therapy in the oncology is the hormone therapy for cancer and it is one of the major modalities of medical oncology, It involves the manipulation of the endocrine system through the exogenous administration of specific hormones, The particularly steroid hormones or the drugs which inhibit the production or the activity of such hormones (the hormone antagonists).

The hormonal therapy is used for several types of cancers derived from hormonally responsive tissues, including the breast, the prostate, the endometrium, and the adrenal cortex, Hormonal therapy can be used in the treatment of paraneoplastic syndromes or they can be used to ameliorate certain cancer, and chemotherapy-associated symptoms such as the anorexia.

The most popular example of the hormonal therapy in the oncology is the selective estrogen-response modulator tamoxifen that can be used for the treatment of breast cancer, although another class of the hormonal agents, the aromatase inhibitors have an expanding role in that disease now.

What are hormones?

The hormones are the natural substances made by the glands in our bodies, The glands network which makes the hormones is called the endocrine system, They are carried in our bloodstream and they act as the messengers between one part of our body and another, They have many effects and one of these is controlling the growth and the activity of the certain cells and the organs.

Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy

Some cancers use these hormones to grow, The hormone therapy for the cancer is the use of the medicines to block the effects of the hormones, It does not use for all the cancer types, The hormone therapy is used for the people with the cancers that are hormone sensitive or hormone-dependent.

Cancers that can be hormone sensitive include breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, The womb cancer ( It is also called the uterine or endometrial cancer), Many cancers which are hormone-sensitive or hormone-dependent need the hormones to grow or develop, The hormone therapies can slow down or stop the growth of cancer.

There are many different types of hormone therapy such as breast cancer hormone therapy, The prostate cancer hormone therapy, The womb cancer hormone therapy, The ovarian cancer hormone therapy, And Kidney cancer hormone therapy.

The general side effects of hormone therapy for women

The side effects depend on the hormone type therapy you are having, the general side effects include Tiredness, The digestive system problems, The menopausal symptoms, and the hair thinning.

The side effects include also the weight gain, The headaches, The memory problems, There are mood swings and depression, The blood clots, There are effects on your muscles and bones.

The general side effects of hormone therapy for men

The side effects depend on the hormone type therapy you are taking, The general side effects of the hormone therapy for men are Tiredness, There are problems of getting an erection, There are hot flushes and sweating, and the breast tenderness.

Men can suffer from the pain from the tumor flare, The weight gain, The memory problems, The mood swings and depression, They may suffer from the Bone changes, There is a risk of earlier heart attack, There is Erectile Dysfunction, And there is a loss of Fertility.

Types and side effects of hormone therapies for Breast cancer

Hormone therapy, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of Kidney cancer

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