C++ programming language advantages and disadvantages

C++ program is an object oriented programming language , C++ is a high level language that is much easier to use than the other low level languages such as binary coding , It takes much more space than low level languages but it is much easier to understand and learn .

C++ language advantages

C++ program has many advantages when it comes to computer programming , All C++ program stand-alone files must use the main function to allow the program to start up and motivate its functions .

C++ program can support unions and structures that are a combination of stand-alone and put-together files , It uses the average c++ application known as .cpp , C++ uses the reserved library word known as “goto” that is the same as Java’s continue , or break commands .

The global data and global functions are used with in C++ that aren’t used in many other high level languages in the computer sciences and it is a great advantage to the programming languages .

As C++ does not use the objects , It is difficult to make the programs that have inheritance data and the programs to contribute to the other data and the programs , It is possible to do this however, but is difficult , These inheritance data and programs are known as the inheritance trees .

C++ does not support class methods which is true to a sense , but class methods are basically functions , and at times they are known as functions , Therefore , C++ , as well as Java support Class methods ( or functions ) .

C++ language

C++ language

C++ program use multi-paradigm programming , Paradigm means style of programming , paradigm concerned about the logics , the structure and procedure of program , C++ program is multi-paradigm means it follow three paradigm Generic , Imperative , Object Oriented .

C++ program is useful for low level programming language and very efficient for general purposes , It offers performance and memory efficiently , It offers high level abstraction , in the language of the problem domain , C++ program is compatible with C , It uses reusability of code and it uses inheritance , polymorphism .

C++ program is a system programming language , It has a large community , It has a relatively clear and mature standard , C++ language is based on the C language and it was developed in early 1980’s by Bjarne Stroustrup at AT&T Bell Laboratories

C++ language program is the collection of commands which tell the computer to do something , The collection of commands is usually called C++ source code , C++ program is the Mid-Level programming language because it offers the feature of Low level as well as high level programming language .

C++ program supports inline function , C++ supports exception handling , It has pointer and references , C++ uses cin>>and cout<< for standard input and output , The C program file is saved with .C extensions .

C++ program uses the object where the objects are real time entities , It is a container of objects , It offers reusability of codes , In C++ , the functions and variables can acquire the feature of its parents , In C++ , function can be overloaded and override and C++ can use encapsulation .

C++ templates are more safe to use ( type safety ) , They are a good way of doing generalizations for APIs , Templates are a very powerful mechanism which can simplify many things but they require much time and experience – in order to decide when their usage is appropriate .

C++ language disadvantages

One major problem in C++ , is when the data points to the same thing from two different starting points , this causes a major problem , the C++ program will continue to have mixed up problems within the coding .

Java’s uni-code to the ascii rules is 16-bit , while C++ program is 8-bit only  , So , C++ is a less impressive programming language , but saves the memory .

C++ program is complex in very large high level program , C++ is used for platform specific application commonly , For the particular operating system or platform , the library set is usually chosen that locks , when C++ program used for web applications complex and difficult to debug .

C++ program can’t support garbage collection , It does not support Dynamic Memory Allocation , It is not secure because it has pointer , friend function and global variable and it has no support for threads built in .

C++ program can be heavy if it is not careful , C++ program allows classes and thus the functions with the same name ( and overloaded functions ) thus the symbol mangling system must be used , It can easily be wrapped in C functions though .

C++ program has no notion of being fast and it is not used for platform-dependent apps any more than C or anything else is , Actually , given the nature of the toolchain , it is probably less dependent than others .

C programming language features , advantages and disadvantages

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