Computer programming, Advantages & disadvantages of being a computer programmer

Computer Programming allows the programmers to communicate with the machines that they program , You can instruct the computer what to do in the human-readable form , Programming will help you learn the importance of clarity of expression , It can serve many purposes , It is very important , It can define the relationship , semantics & grammar .

Computer programming

Programming future systems will be an important aspect , The trend toward automating Internet searches & purchases to be more localized is ongoing , While the hardware platforms developed will play a main role , Programming allows new interactive web applications which can access to the system resources & offer the same level of control such as desktop applications , especially in the web development .

Programming language helps the programmer to structure the instructions into the functions , the procedures , etc , It allows the program to be broken into “chunks” which can be developed by a group of developers , It offers portability , the low-level instructions of one computer will be different from that of another computer .

Programming can be used in many applications , It is used on online learning platforms , It is a sequence of instructions to enable the computer to do something , Documenting the program is the most annoying activity by many programmers , The logic is the most difficult part of programming , depending on the programming language , writing the statements may be laborious .

Computer Programming

Computer programming

Computer programmer

The computer programmer can perform important responsibilities  , The first is to develop new computer programming methods , These may include anywhere from basic computer programming methods to more in-depth methods .

The computer programmer should undertake the development of the programs themselves in his daily job role , He consults with outside parties in relation to the construction of the computer programming methods & the programs themselves , He has to follow the progress of programs , He is operating correctly & fix any program errors that might occur along the way & he can use the computer systems .

The benefit of being a computer programmer is that you can get to work in teams , apply your knowledge at home & have a positive job growth , The drawback in this business is that the work environment tend to be the same , high level of stress and need to be committed to the job and work long hours .

Advantages of being a computer programmer

Computer programming is high job satisfaction  , You can use your creativity & mind , You can develop your own software product , There is no career limit for talented and hard working programmers and you can determine your destiny .

Computer programming is well paying job , As a computer programmer , You can have multiple career options , The computer programming can prepare you for the careers in the other related technology , Many computer programmers can work under an assortment of titles , such as the system analyst , Web programmer & the application programmer , According to the indeed website .

Pay is the biggest benefit of working as a computer programmer , The computer programmers who write computer code which enables the computer to perform certain tasks , work in every industry such as the engineering , educational & medical fields .

Computer programming does not need lease office space or chain yourself to an etched-in-stone work schedule , Computer programming can be performed from anywhere , you can carry the laptop computer , You can access to the Internet &  you can complete the jobs from home .

The computer programmer does not need to embark on a four-year college degree path to be a profession , Some computer programming training programs can be completed in just six months , Ask IT Career Coach reports that entry requirements for computer programming are low , Motivated individuals have taught themselves the skills & computer languages needed to land a job as a computer programmer .

Job security is a superb benefit enjoyed by most computer programmers , The computer technology advances at a fast rate , keeping the demand for computer programmers at a high level , as long as the society relies on computing technology , there will be a demand for the computer programmers .

Disadvantages of being a programmer

Computer programming is fast paced , As a programmer , you have to learn new information quickly and competently , You should have hardcore reading , Read many books each year just to keep up with new technologies or new computer upgrade .

Computer programming is technology driven , If you are not passionate about technology at heart , you may become unhappy over the influence it exerts on your values , Computer programming causes health problems , You spend a lot of time sitting , typing in front of the computer , your wrist , eyes & back may cause some pain or injures .

The programmer sits in the chair while looking at a bright screen for long hours & working to finish the project , There are many health risks on the body & mind , The programmers work indoors in front of the computer for the vast majority of their workday .

You’ll find yourself sitting in a chair , tapping keys & clicking a mouse button for many hours straight , which can lead to musculoskeletal pain & disorders as well as eyestrain  , Most programmers work for long hours and they can work roughly 40 hours per week .

The programmer has the ability & desire to learn new languages , pick up & apply new concepts and adjust to new tools , He may see this need for adaptability exciting , but when he don’t like sudden and constant change , He won’t enjoy this particular facet of being a programmer .

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