Automatic vending machines Advantages and Disadvantages

Vending machine technology is used easily in the recent years to obtain a quick snack, It is used to dispense the products to the customers without the involvement of staff or the human assistance on a 24 hour basis, The cashier is ultimately unnecessary and yet it delivers the food of all sorts.

Advantages of Vending machines

Vending machines have been used to serve the wide clientele with the variety of products handling from green grocery to processed products, The typical example is the snack vending machine that can be used for buying and selling of different kinds of snacks.

Vending machine is automated, So, you can use it when the transaction is done according to how the machine is programmed, Some Vending machines accept cash in the currency forms only while the others accept both the cash and the credit cards for the electronic transactions.

Vending machines

Vending machines

Vending machines have the mobility, They can be moved to the new places & they will continue delivering the services as usual, There is no cashier, They give the clients the free choice to purchase the products at any time of the day, You can shop for your intended product on a 24 hour, throughout the year.

Diversity of products which a vending machine can handle, The wide range of products can be sold using the machine as the fruits, the beverages, the drinks, and the cigarettes among the other products.

Most vending machines are convenient & they offer time-saving for the customers, They reduce the overhead costs by not hiring the staff, They increase the profit, They accept credit-card and they offer healthier food.

Vending machines work 24 h day 365 days a year , They need neither stuff nor specialized attention , They does not take a long time , You will need short time to keep them serviced and stocked with the products .

Vending machines only need the investment in the vending equipment, They do not have the advertisement and the marketing costs, You don’t have to pay the royalties, They are easily redeemable, No more problems with bad checks or credit risks.

They offer diversify products, The expenses are shared between to the businesses, They do not generate any remains or rubbish, They offer health products that are being widely welcomed such as the water, the milk, the natural juices, the cereals and fresh fruits.

Vending Machines are very easy to manage as nobody has to be there to sell any goods, You need only the machine’s installation and you can simply monitor its progress from afar, There are not any payment problems as the instant cash/card payment is needed to buy the items.

The operating vending machines have not overhead costs because you eliminate the need for the employees who sell the food, There are no monthly wages and pay rolls, and there’s no need for you to rent any extra work/office space.

Vending Machines save the time, No precious time will be wasted preparing the hot drink, as the vending machine can dispense a drink in around 20 seconds, saving the loads of time, With the vending machines, The employees will not need to leave the work site to get the food, meaning they are less likely to take a longer lunch.

Disadvantages of Vending machines

Vending machines have many disadvantages for both the owner and the customers, They give no provision for the bargaining, So, fixed prices apply and this may be unfriendly both to the customer and the owner.

Fraud cases are common in this kind of business by the customers who formulate means of hacking into the system of the machine to dispense the products, The heavy taxation levied on the sites of location may be the discouragement for this capital intensive investment.

There are great losses to the investor who faces the cases of destruction of the machine or the faulty programming such as the continuous dispensing of product due to the technical errors.

Vending machines are used to be displayed in the public places and they can suffer vandalism by the unruly groups or the jealous competitors, You must consider where you are going to start the vending business because some of the town taxes you should pay are expensive and some authorization such as the location permission are very difficult to get.

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