Walk-through & Hand Held metal detectors uses , Features , cons and pros

The metal detector is an electronic device which gives an audible or visual signal when its search head comes close to the metallic object either exposed or concealed , It may be a handheld portable sweeping unit or it is emplaced in an archway as a gate-like structure through which the person passes .

Metal detectors

Metal detectors are used to detect the foreign bodies in the food and in the construction industry to detect the steel reinforcing bars in the concrete and the pipes , The wires buried in the walls and the floors , There are various types of hobby activities involving metal detectors .

The metal detector is the device that utilize the electromagnetic induction to discover the metal , It is the prevalently used system at most international airports , Some metal detectors are waterproof to allow the user to search for the submerged objects in the areas of shallow water .

The metal detector is the electronic instrument that detects the presence of metal nearby , They are useful for finding the metal inclusions hidden within the objects or metal objects buried underground , They consist of a handheld unit with a sensor probe which can be swept over the ground or other objects .

Security metal detectors

Security metal detectors

If the sensor comes near the piece of metal , this is indicated by a changing tone in the earphones or the needle moving on the indicator , The device gives some indication of distance , the closer the metal is , the higher the tone in the earphone or the higher the needle goes .

The first industrial metal detectors were developed in the 1960s and they were used extensively for mineral prospecting and the other industrial applications , Uses include detecting the land mines , the detection of weapons such as the knives and guns ( especially in airport security ) , geophysical prospecting , archaeology and treasure hunting .

Prospecting is looking for valuable metals like gold , silver and copper in their natural forms , such as nuggets or flakes , The metal detectors are used to search for the discarded or lost valuable man-made objects such as the mobile phones , the cameras and the other devices .

Walk-through metal detectors

The walk-through metal detectors are used for security screening at access points in the prisons , the courthouses and the airports , They are used to detect the concealed metal weapons on the person’s body but they detect the metallic objects only   .

The walk-through metal detector offers high speed detection capability ( about 15 milliseconds ) and the capability to detect the large metal objects like the knives and the guns , No radiation is generated during screening , Easy installation albeit bulky by comparison to hand-held metal detector .

Hand Held Metal Detectors

The Hand Held Metal Detectors are a more convenient and practical way of performing the security checks at the hotels , the clubs , the airports ,  the schools and the other facilities and they are present in the market with several interesting features .

The Hand Held Metal Detectors become an important means of providing security in highly sensitive areas , they are  used at the construction sites to detect the metal debris that can cause damage to the saw blade , they are free from radiation  , easy to use , portable and lightweight , So , they have proved beneficial for the security purposes .

By using the Hand Held Metal Detectors , the transmission takes place between the detector and the person or the object that is inspected , The presence of metal interrupts the signal and sound alerts the security professional about the metal .

Hand Held Metal Detectors are easy to use because they are light in weight , They can be easily held in hands featuring the handle provided with them , With the help of the handle , The detector can be moved through the body to check for any suspicious metal object or weapon easily .

The reliability of Hand Held Metal Detectors can’t be questioned as they can work for the security purposes , They are employed in highly sensitive areas such as the government buildings , the hospitals , the prisons , the public places & the other places of high security demand and it is the easiest way to provide security .

Hand Held Metal Detectors are highly sensitive as they can effectively detect the ferrous , non-ferrous and stainless steel contraband , the weapons and the other metallic objects , They offer sharp audible alarm and a very bright red LED which helps in the detection and recognition of the metal weapons and objects .

Hand Held Metal Detectors offer a digital microprocessor technology that eliminates the need for the periodic adjustments for the sensitivity , They are very useful in detecting the smallest metallic object , the bodies of the visitors can be searched for the presence of any metallic object or weapon .

Security metal detectors advantages and disadvantages

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