Laser thermometers uses, advantages and disadvantages

Laser thermometers

They work on the principle of laser , When any substance is hot , it radiates this heat from all of its parts , So , the molecules in this area will vibrate with greater velocity , Laser can measure this increase in velocity , It is converted into the temperature reading which the laser thermometer provides .

Thermometer technology has improved vastly in the recent times , Laser thermometer works on the laser principle , Laser Thermometer shape is more or less like a gun and there’s a region from where the laser is emitted , The laser-based thermometers are called as non-touch thermometers .

Since any hot body will emit the equal amount of the heat radiation from all of its parts , Laser thermometers can be pointed at any point on the surface of the body , The reading is almost similar , irrespective of where this actual point is located .

Laser Thermometers

Laser Thermometers

Laser thermometers advantages

They don’t really need to be brought in contact with the object whose temperature needs to be measured , Laser thermometers can measure temperature from a remote location and it is only necessary that the path of the laser shouldn’t be obstructed .

The results are instantaneous , It is a great benefit , especially when creating the clinical thermometers for the infants , By using the thermometers which work on the laser principle , it is no longer necessary to place the thermometer on the patient’s body and wait for a minute before taking the reading .

All these thermometers are digital that makes it much easier to get readings from them ,  Laser technology thermometers work on the simple physics concept where the molecules of matter are constantly in the motion to generate the temperature which is recorded using the laser thermometers .

The laser thermometer using infrared feature could convert the infrared energy of the targeted object into the electrical signals be fore displaying them into the temperature units .

There is no physical contact on the target with the laser thermometer held at a distance , The digital display of the object’s temperature is viewed on the LED panel in either Celsius or Fahrenheit .

The laser technology is applied in infrared thermometers as applied widely in the clinics and the hospitals , The laser thermometers are used to capture the patients’ temperature without any form of physical contact for greater degree of safety especially with contagious diseases .

They are used in measuring the temperature in the foods to be served , The food can be either hot or cold to determine its temperature , They are known as the cooking thermometers , The infrared cooking thermometer is used by chefs who are picky about the right temperature of their foods before serving to their patrons .

The laser thermometers are used in various industries on the heat leakages , They are very useful devices to ensure the safety at the work place in high danger manufacturing environments during the production at various phases , They can warn supervisors of impending dangers when the heavily operated machineries are heated up too much before a meltdown or breakdown .

The laser digital thermometer is known as non-contact laser thermometer because it can give the precise reading without coming in contact with object or subject , You have to make sure that the path of the thermometer and the substance whose temperature is to be taken is obstacle free .

You need not point the thermometer at a certain place of the substance , The non contact thermometer records the precise reading of the object by way of radiations given out by the object and there are a wide variety of laser thermometers are available in the market .

When you travel most of the time then infrared thermometer with laser is best for you , The laser digital thermometer is used for measuring the temperature of the infants and various medical purposes and it can help the fire fighters about the potential burning stage .

The laser thermometer is very beneficial for the electrical or mechanical professionals also , They can used to locate the hot area on the electric circuit board or on the mechanical equipment .

The laser thermometers found to be the best measuring tool for the researchers and scientists as they help to carry out certain scientific experiments , They can be used in the industries to determine the heat leakages and the routine laser thermometer scan can assure the safety of the place .

Laser thermometers are used in measuring the body temperatures , especially in the form of the ear thermometers that are extensively used for measuring the body temperature in babies .

Laser thermometers disadvantages

The light sensitivity is the only disadvantage of the laser thermometers , However , they may be handled in case we take some cautions during the time of taking the temp belonging to the substance .

The true or accurate temperature could be secured if the laser thermometer is directed at the right object without any obstruction only ,  It can procure inaccurate or wrong temperature readings easily if the laser thermometer is not aptly handled .

Laser thermometers work basically using the laser principle , A hot or cold substance emits a certain amount of heat , The wrong radiation emission can be picked up and disastrous results can happen especially with lives are involved .

There is another disadvantage of laser thermometers which is the influence of its surroundings , The hot object emits the heat radiation that could be picked up by the laser thermometer , So , The temperature readings could be inaccurate if there are many objects around the target object .

Some proper training should be advocated to ensure the proper application for the accurate and safe implementation , The laser is emitted from the particular region for the accurate temperature reading , So , the laser ray must be accurately aimed at the right targeted surface for measurement .

The laser ray path can not be viewed except for the red dot on the surface of the objected pointed at , Unsteady hands could misguide the red dot with inaccurate temperature readings .

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