Motion Sensors (Motion detection) features, advantages & How does the motion detector work ?

The motion detector or the motion sensor is the device which  is used for detecting the movement in a certain range in front or around the detector , Usually it is used to detect the motion of humans and it is used for both safety and security purposes but motion sensors may not cover a full room .

Motion detector advantages

The motion sensor is the essential part of security system , It is the key device that detects when someone is in your home or property when they really shouldn’t be , When the sensor is tripped , The signal is sent to your security system’s control panel which is connected to a monitoring center that alerts you to the potential threat in your property .

The motion detection helps you sense the movement , The sensors work when you are not at home , or when you tell the system you are not there , Some security systems can be programmed to record the events via the security camera when the motion is detected , There are devices that are used for switching on lighting or alarm systems .

Motion-sensing lights offer several benefits as they reduce the crime , The statistics show that well-lit communities have lower crime rates than the neighborhoods with poor lighting .

Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors

There is no place to hide , when the exterior of your home is well lit , The thieves will have no place to lurk or hide , If your flood lights suddenly go on , It will give you the chance to investigate or call the police .

Putting the lights on the motion sensor is a very simple and effective , not to mention inexpensive , way to secure your property , You can place flood lights , garden lights , your front entrance light and the other outdoor lighting on motion sensors , Many indoor/outdoor motion sensor lights can be easily installed on your own ( DIY ).

The motion sensors can provide the additional layer of security and they can be paired with security or surveillance cameras , Some motion detectors can be connected to a monitoring system .

When motion sensors  are used for household appliances and equipment , The motion sensors can help to increase the energy savings such as by turning the lights off in unoccupied rooms , The sensors can offer convenience through the automatic activation of heating , lighting , cooling , watering and other household tasks .

How does the motion detector work ?

The motion sensors are a part of many different mechanisms you encounter every day , from the automatic doors at the supermarkets to the security systems that might protect your home and there are many different types of motion sensors .

The motion detection is the process where a special sensor is used for detecting the changes of different objects ( mostly humans ) in the sensors detection range that can either be an outdoor or an indoor area , The most basic motion detectors can detect the movement of objects in an area from 2 – 5 meters ( 6.5 to 16 feet ) up to 20 meters (70 feet) and more .

There are many types of motion detectors from infrared , optical to radio wave and others and each of these types are used for specific occasions , The infrared sensors monitor the changes in infrared wave or the heat in the observable area and turns on a light , alarm or a security camera when the changes in the infrared spectrum are detected .

The detectors which use radio frequency detection sends out microwave signals to monitor the room and when the object walks in detection area , the sensor detects the changes in microwave field and signals the system that there is a moving object in the room .


You should not install the microwave detectors closely to each other , especially if there is a barrier between them , there should never be any windows or doors in its target zone , but sometimes the motion sensor is used to detect movements behind them .

You should not place infrared detectors in proximity of air conditioners , heating radiators or other devices that produce the heat , You should not use ultrasound detectors if you have pets in your house as it can harm them .

The professional electricians should complete the installation and repair of motion detectors , The motion detectors shouldn’t be connected to the devices with the power consumption higher than specified in the table of allowed values , which is supplied in the instructions , The used cables cross section must comply with the switching load and be not less than 1 mm².

You should adjust threshold illumination activation using the controller when it is configured incorrectly , You should remove any objects that are in front of the sensor when the sensor’s window does not detect movement , You should place the detector so that people’s movements are perpendicular to the lens of the sensor .

When the sensor creates a lot of false positives , You have to increase the distance between the sensors , Try to move the IR detector to the place where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight or the influence of thermal radiation from the heaters or the air conditioning fans .

Motion Sensors ( Motion detection ) types , cons , pros and Automatic doors with a motion sensor

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