Global Positioning System (GPS Tracking System) advantages and disadvantages

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, It is only fully operational Global Navigation Satellite System in the globe, It has about 24 to 32 earth orbit satellites which transmit the radio signals, These signals help GPS receivers to determine the location, time & velocity and the devices are embedded with GPS receiver chip to have this functionality.

GPS Tracking Systems

GPS satellites are located at the height of 20,000 Km above the earth and orbits with speed of 14000 Km/Hr, The signals are transmitted at the speed of light by these GPS satellites, GPS Tracking System is a great technology and it is used to track the objects around the world.

GPS Tracking System is used all over the world, It is highly reliable, you can track any valuable object you own by installing a GPS tracker in it, Tracking System can be used to locate lost items, The crime rate keeps on increasing in all over the world and many highly valuable objects have been stolen.

GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracking System

GPS advantages

GPS system is the most accurate NAV system ever invented, It provides continuous real-time navigation information, It is an all-weather system, It is available 24/7 to the international community, It is available free of charge without any subscription or license.

GPS is used for military activities, It can hit the target without causing major collateral damages, GPS is a satellite based navigation system, It is an important tool for military, civil and commercial users and it comes in a variety of different formats.

GPS Tracking System can be used to track the things and the people depending on what you need it for, It is used to track anything irrespective of it being static or flexible and it has alarm system which makes it better.

You can use the GPS technology to ensure the things are going fine with the people working for you especially if they are doing a job which requires a high level of security and confidentiality, It will be able to track them anywhere they go and when they go there.

GPS can be used anywhere in the world, It is powered by the world satellites, So, it can be accessible anywhere, all you need is a solid tracking system and a GPS receiver, GPS system may provide the weather and traffic alerts, These alerts inform you of adverse weather or traffic conditions.

Global Positioning System has brought new features to the communication technology, It is used in tracking the things like the cars and mobiles or knowing the directions while travelling and it is an apt answer to the security concerns we are facing increasingly in today.

GPS system can be installed in mobile phones & it proves to be a huge assistance, Many smartphones feature a navigation system which you can keep at your fingertips, This type of GPS device diversity offers a solution to meet most needs.

The stolen cars can well be traced and returned to the user with GPS systems,  GPS helps in saving the end costs, A lot of energy can be saved by reducing the fuel consumption and the low reading on speed meter also ensures fewer accidents.

Corporate can keep a check on the productivity of their employees and company by a whole using of the GPS technology, They can monitor the employees on an individual basis, like their work timings & break timings, So, it is a highly useful tool to keep a record of the performance of anyone in the firm.

GPS devices can search a desired location for specific landmarks, such as the restaurants and gas stations within a specific radius to your current location, It can help to determine the best places to stop during road trips or even day-to-day travels.

You know that any system needs database and software and so does the Global positioning system, GPS signal is available anywhere on the globe, Hence the user will not deprive of GPS facility anywhere, It is cheaper compare to the other navigational systems.

GPS system gets calibrated by its own, So, it is easy to be used by anyone, It provides the user with the location based information, This will be helpful in various applications such as mapping (used in cars), location (geocaching), performance analysis (used in the sports), GIS etc, Such as Google Earth Application.

GPS disadvantages

The price of the system is the major concern, GPS systems cost a high amount if they have lots of features, If you do not want to spend too much, you will have to do with lesser features, GPS systems rely on the batteries, When the battery is drained out, the system does not work.

The accuracy is an issue, GPS systems are not always updated, So, you do not know when a road has been closed or when a new road has been opened, The updating comes across as a major hindrance.

Satellites use the atomic clocks & they are very precise, however sometimes discrepancies do happen and hence time measurement errors, The satellites must maintain their predefined orbital positions but the drifts occur by the gravitational pulls (earth, moon , sun).

The ionosphere and the troposphere cause slow down of the signal propagation speed, This rate is variant and non constant, So, It causes the complications in the correction/compensation.

The GPS-Rx will detect the desired NAV signals, while the signal may be slightly distorted with noise due to the wireless nature of the system, GPS chip is power hungry that drains battery in 8 to 12 hours, This requires either battery replacement or recharge.

You want the signals to go straight from the satellite to GPS receiver, however, on occasions the signals get bounced and the Rx will detect these bounced signals, It is very costly to maintain GPS constellation annually.

GPS signal does not pierce through the solid walls or structures, it is affected by large buildings or structures, So, The user will not be able to utilize GPS service in indoors or under the water or in dense tree regions or in underground stores or places etc.

GPS accuracy depends on sufficient received signal quality, GPS signal gets affected due to multipath, atmosphere (i.e. ionosphere), the electromagnetic interference etc, So, the error will be about 5 to 10 meters in GPS signal .

It is better not to rely completely on GPS system, Backup travel maps with directions will help in the event of GPS system failure, Over time, road names change and new roads appear, So, your GPS may provide incorrect directions.

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