The advantages and disadvantages of Twitter

Twitter is one the largest social networks on the internet , It is a free Social Network & very easy to join , you can start tweeting to promote your work or share your ideas & thoughts , You can expand your business or website’s audience , It is easy to make the new contacts on Twitter , even outside the circle of friends , You can post something that will provoke the interest of other people , You can follow anyone on Twitter & anyone can follow you .

Twitter advantages

You can create an account free , It has massive audience potential , You can connect with many famous  people like the stars and celebrity by using Twitter , Most of the famous people are now using Twitter to provide a message to their followers and it is one of the best way to stay connected with the famous people .

Twitter has limited message size , It has 140 characters per post , It can include a message or links on your website as it is free and also free for the advertisements , You don’t have to face the problem with bunch of advertisements like the other social networking sites do .

Twitter is fast , When you publish on it , The people following your business will receive the tweet immediately , The business owners can make use of this feature to test the different campaign angles that they are considering , They will get an instant reaction from their followers , So , There are many businesses that buy Twitter followers to boost their sales .

You can use Twitter to help the followers know about your new business , product , service , website , blog , eBook , So , We can hope that the other twitter users may click on your link and hopefully invest in a product or service you offer .



Twitter is very easy to use , You can follow the people to get the news and updates , You can tweet or re-tweet , You can mark favorite , You can send the tweets by mentioning the specific people , You can send the messages and you can invest your time in its use .

Twitter reaches beyond Web browsers , You can use Twitter on your smartphones , Twitter apps exist for the smartphones and the tablets , You can reach people who use Twitter on their phones but not on their computers , or on their tablets but not their phones  .

You can use your Twitter ID to log in to many sites or post comment , You can use Twitter into your blog post or on your website by using embed tweet option , Twitter has many users , So , You can find many people and make many friends  , It has many applications by which you can do many interesting stuff .


The business owners can update their customers on all the latest news about their business by using Twitter , Business owners don’t need to know the email addresses of people to inform them about their business , They just need to know their target customer base to get their attention with the sales pitch .

Twitter disadvantages

You can’t upload the videos on Twitter , You can only add the links of different sites , It is not more effective for the  visual content , Twitter is more link based , if you want share more photos , videos on Twitter , So , it’s not more effective like other photo and video sharing sites , It is not ideal for the visual content and it is mostly text based  .

It has limited 140 characters tweet , Twitter provides only 140 charters tweet , you can’t use characters more than 140 , If you want to tweet more than 140 characters you have to use third party applications , If you have some troubles to express your thoughts in just a few words , Twitter will be a challenge as you are limited to 140 characters .

Twitter has the spam problem like other social networking sites , Some twitter users only tweet their products , blog or website links , some users send the spam messages or they spam you by tweeting the spam tweets , Twitter also faces the overloading problem means due to the large numbers of users and it gets crashed .

Twitter is addictive , The main disadvantage of Twitter is its addiction , When you start to use Twitter , You will get more involved into Twitter , So , When you become twitter addictive , It will waste your precious time and it will consume your most valuable time .

There are many inactive and fake Twitter accounts , Twitter has billion users , Most of them either inactive or not used regularly , there are many Twitter accounts which are fake , They are made to cheat and harass someone .

Twitter is not as effective as Facebook in Business , If you are looking for the traffic to your product , website or service then Facebook Fan pages can bring more traffic than Twitter account .

Tweets can also lost the time , if someone is following a large number of people , The business owner may want to hire someone to repeat the tweets for him , as they become buried with the millions of other tweets that are generated .

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