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The advantages and disadvantages of using LED technology

Advantages of LED technology

LED means light emitting diode , It is a semiconductor chip in a reflector , It is connected to an electric wire , When the electricity flows , It causes the diode to illuminate , LED monitors can be large enough but they will not take too much space on the working desk , So , They will cause better visual quality for the user.

LEDs are high-efficiency light sources , the directional nature of light produced by LEDs allows the design of luminaires with higher overall efficiency , LEDs are continually declining in price , That makes LED displays extremely affordable .

LED screen

LED screen

LEDs radiate a “cold light“, and they generate very little heat compared with other lighting technologies ,  They causes less wasted energy , LEDs have a full range of colors and with appropriate mixing schemes , So they can generate billions of colors .

LEDs have high energy efficient , they are now capable of outputting 135 lumens/watt , They have long Lifetime , Their lifetime is 50,000 hours or more , LEDs are called Solid State Lighting ( SSL ) because they are made of solid material with no filament or tube or bulb to break .

LEDs are not affected by cold temperatures , They will startup even in subzero weather , They are environmentally friendly as they contain no mercury or other hazardous substances .

LED monitors are usually lighter and thinner than LCD monitors , The fluorescent bulbs used in an LCD monitor are bigger , heavier and They can make the monitor bulkier as compared to the materials used in LED monitors .

LED monitors offer better and sharper colour reproduction as compared to LCD monitors , and the production of LED monitors has been increased which makes them more affordable choices .

Disadvantages of LEDs technology

LEDs are more expensive than conventional lighting technologies , They must be supplied with the correct voltage and current at a constant flow , And this requires some electronics expertise to design the electronic drivers .

LEDs can shift color due to age and temperature , And two different white LED will have two different color characteristics , So , They  affect how the light is perceived .

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