What are the advantages and disadvantages of watching TV ?

Advantages of TV

Television is one of the most important invention in transforming the information of the history , It can be a great source of entertainment , knowledge and for communication , you can get a whole look all over the world , and many people love television so much that they make their careers out of it .

Television helps to upgrade the knowledge , it helps you to know the latest trend going on in the world , It is nowadays one of the widely used communication media , And the useful information can be reached to millions of people directly by TV .

We can learn several languages and lots of other useful things by watching television , some shows and channels  offer the  educational programs that can increase our knowledge and make us more aware of the world around us , It   can connect us to the world and beyond .

Advantages of TV

Advantages of TV

Anybody can watch television simply by sitting at home , The news , the movies , the family shows , the sports , the music as well as other useful shows and channels can be seen on TV , It plays an important role in educating people about the corruption , And they can increase their knowledge about the social and the political world .

The information is available to many people with the use of television , They are able to know the  information on the politics , the science , the  history , the geography , the culture in a way that has never before been possible .

The kids can enjoy TV by watching cartoons channels as well as some channels such as Discovery Channel to gain the knowledge ,  television can be a great educator to the children , And there are various channels in different languages , so , you can see the channel or the shows of your choice in your regional language .

Television can educate and inform independently of the government in most parts of the world , People can learn more and more about the world by watching television , It Keeps us updated and we can watch live news as well as live shows or live sports easily with the help of television .

Television is a source of entertainment that is affordable ,   Today , the movies , the drama , the comedy and the music are all available at home , In free time ,  watching TV is good which may freshen your mood by watching the show you like as it is good and effective way of advertising product or the information .

Television is the most effective medium to deliver the information to large numbers of people very quickly , The news in one part of the world can be seen within minutes or even seconds in any other part of the world .

In this busy and expensive life , television is an easy and cheap source of entertainment , and we can watch the international news , we are kept informed and up-to-date with the breaking news around the world , Television can also be a good way to help people learn a different language .

Television gives us easy access to all kinds of information such as the  cooking channels that  offer the new recipes and methods , The home improvement shows that  introduce us to many money-saving and the financial advisers give the advice for managing the finances and investing the money .

Disadvantages of TV

Disadvantages of TV

Disadvantages of TV

The children sometimes watch the scary movies which affects their mental condition , they sit very close to the TV which is not good for the eye-sight of the children , The students do not pay attention to their studies while watching TV  which affects the education of them .

The children can be exposed to the programming that is not appropriate for their age , the adult themes of sex and violence are far too easily accessed and they destroy the innocence of children  , Some of the companies use TV for sex TV films and programs which cause a lot of social problems .

There are thousand of shows or movies shown on TV , Hence some people waste more time everyday while watching TV, if people spend much more time on watching TV then they may become lazy , Sometime distraction from work by watching TV.

Because of the violent news such as killings and bombings , we may develop an inflated sense of danger , the content that contains the sex or the violence can cause a belief that such behavior is the normal and acceptable .

Television is an easy and cheap source of entertainment , By watching international news , we are kept informed and up-to-date with breaking news around the world , but more use of television may increase the electricity bill .

The advertisers often target the kids , the children see about 40,000 ads per year on television alone, including ads for the unhealthy snack foods and the alcohol .

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