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  1. miles greenough says:


  2. Chinthana says:

    Thank you so much

  3. Grant says:

    PayPal is a total scam they hold your money even when the person who paid you leaves positive feedback and have had the goods total rip off

    • Amanda Riordan says:

      Has anyone had money taking out og their bank and i didn’t receive an email why and it didn’t show up on my summary on PayPal. I googled the name on my bank statement and it said a guy on ebay who scams people on PayPal. Well at first i was talking with PayPal assistant then it switched over to Donita Rose. Well her answers didn’t seem right so i googled that name and evidently that’s a real strippers name. One of her comments was call my bank. But i did that early this morning and put a stop for fraud on my card. The whole time mrs.rose was trying to log me out of PayPal and i kept hitting stay logged in. So it all seems weird so i took screenshots of all my conversations and going to my bank Monday morning. Has anyone heard of anything like that happening?

  4. grant mcgrath says:

    Obviously the truth ain’t allowed to be published never mind I put it over social media

  5. Jean Marc Bisson says:

    I transfer 10 $ Canadian to Indonesia
    And it cost me 15 $
    Mean 5 fee
    First, the transfer your money in us and after the fee is on us

  6. Glenn T Parker says:

    Someone is using my account. Please withdraw my account. I did not use PayPal.

  7. RB says:

    Heard so much good b4 i got paypal . im shocked now by how much i hear about accounts being highjacked n crazy other problems. WOW

  8. Quist John Ledlum says:

    I need an account to order goods from oceanside, ca,
    Please tell me how to go about this as my account has been inactive for some years now and I can’t even remember my password.

  9. elizabeth says:

    i was shocked at the way paypal disregarded my problems and requests. be sure to READ THE FINE PRINT in their agreement before you give them ANY banking information. im working with my bank now to stop PP from hijacking my money from the wrong source (which had caused big fees from my bank). the helpful folks at my bank suggest never giving paypal any access to your main accounts. you can set up a separate account just for paypal. I AM DONE WITH PAYPAL!

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