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  1. miles greenough says:


  2. Chinthana says:

    Thank you so much

  3. Grant says:

    PayPal is a total scam they hold your money even when the person who paid you leaves positive feedback and have had the goods total rip off

  4. grant mcgrath says:

    Obviously the truth ain’t allowed to be published never mind I put it over social media

  5. Jean Marc Bisson says:

    I transfer 10 $ Canadian to Indonesia
    And it cost me 15 $
    Mean 5 fee
    First, the transfer your money in us and after the fee is on us

  6. Glenn T Parker says:

    Someone is using my account. Please withdraw my account. I did not use PayPal.

  7. RB says:

    Heard so much good b4 i got paypal . im shocked now by how much i hear about accounts being highjacked n crazy other problems. WOW

  8. Quist John Ledlum says:

    I need an account to order goods from oceanside, ca,
    Please tell me how to go about this as my account has been inactive for some years now and I can’t even remember my password.

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