The causes of the endanger to some endangered species

The Red list

The Red list is a list issued by the international union for conservation of the nature ( IUCN ) every year , and indicate the endangered species , and the endanger level of each case .

The International Union for Conservation of Nature ( IUCN ) was established in 1963 to protect the endangered species .

The endangered species are classified in an ascending order according to the the endanger level into three levels which are the vulnerable , the endangered  and the critically endangered .

Examples of some endangered species

There are about 5000 endangered species and they are being followed up , and their status is under the  investigation .

panda bear

Panda inhabits Bamboo forests in the northeast China .

The Red List in 2008 included 450 endangered species , the most popular species are the bald eagle , the Panda bear , the ibis bird , the rhinoceros and the papyrus plant .

The panda bear inhabits Bamboo forests in the northeast China , And the cause of the endanger is due to the weak rate of the reproduction , And the rareness of the bamboo plant ( its only food ) which does not blossom except once every 100 years .

The Bald eagle head  is covered with the white feathers which makes it look like the bald , And the cause of endanger is due to feeding on fish that contain the poisonous matter that is being dumped in the lakes and the rivers . 

The cause of  endanger to the Rhinoceros is due the over hunted for using its horns in some medical purposes . And its habitat is being transformed into the cultivated land .

The Ibis bird disappeared from Aswan but it is still found in Upstream Nile in Africa , And it must be imported back and reproduce its species in the protectorates  which established in the Nile islands in Aswan . The cause of its endanger is due to the loss of its nests after building the High Dam .

The Papyrus plant is an aquatic plant that grew in the swamps of Upper Nile . The pharaohs used it in the  manufacture writing papers . Now it is reproduced in the Pharaonic Village in Giza . The cause of endanger is due to the drying the swamps where they grow .


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