Structure of the animal cell and function of animal cell organelles

The animal cell

The structure of animal cell

Structure of the animal cell

The animal tissue is composed of small units called animal cells, where each cell contains many components, The animal cells are of various sizes and have irregular shapes, and most of the cell size range between 1 and 100 micrometers.

Plasma (cell) membrane

The plasma membrane is the outer membrane of the animal cell, It controls the substances that enter or leave the cell, and the cell membrane is made up of phospholipids which has polar (hydrophillic) heads and non-polar (hydrophobic) tails.

Animal cell

Animal cell structure.


All the cell components are suspended in the cytoplasm which is a fluid that fills the cell, The cytoplasm maintains the pressure of the cell, and it ensures the cell doesn’t shrink or burst and all the biological operations of the cell occur in the cytoplasm.


The nucleus organizes the biological processes in the cell and it is responsible for cell division, The nucleus is surrounded by a porous membrane known as the nuclear membrane, The nucleus controls the activity of the cell and is known as the control center.

Small vacuoles

The small vacuoles are bound by a single membrane and small organelles, and they are storage organelles in many organisms.


The ribosomes are found freely suspended in the cytoplasm and they are attached to the endoplasmic reticulum, The ribosomes are found in large number in all cells as protein synthesis is very important to the cell, The ribosome is the site for protein synthesis where the translation of the RNA takes place.

The plant cell is characterized than the animal cell by the presence of the cell wall and the green plastids (the chloroplasts), Both the animal and plant cells are similar in the presence of plasma membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus, The animal cell has an indefinite shape due to the absence of the cell wall.

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