Nissan LEAF Fully Electric Car review , features , performance , advantages and disadvantages

Nissan LEAF means Leading Environmentally-friendly Affordable Family Car , It is entirely electric , The LEAF is a five-door hatchback electric car that built by Nissan , It offers large number of advantages over the traditional gas-guzzling vehicles and you will never need to pay for gasoline at the pump again .

Nissan LEAF benefits

Nissan offers LEAF , the LEAF is 100% electric that signifies zero emissions , The general safety rating is terrific…5 stars , It has a streamlined construction , The LEAF’s 80-kW AC electric car motor runs on nickel-metal hydride car batteries , These are the same batteries used in hybrids , but the power-train in the LEAF is entirely electric .

Nissan LEAF’s electric motor does not offer emissions , if the driver’s local area requires emissions inspections , LEAF can run inside the areas with limited ventilation , unlike the traditional vehicles , because it poses no inhalation-related health risks to those nearby .

The Leaf isn’t a hybrid car , It has no gasoline or diesel powered engine to supplement for power , (Electric vehicles (EV’s) utilize no fossil fuels , So , there are no emissions whatsoever , EV’s have no mufflers , no transmission and no fuel tank systems .

The electric motors generate the instant torque , So , The acceleration is rapid , In contrast , The combustion engines gradually ramp up the torque , which slows down the whole process of getting off the start line .

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

The vehicles become more technology-based , LEAF is rich with technological advances , For the smartphone users , Nessan LEAF comes with an application which allows for management of charging , diagnostics and the other features .

It is very useful for those who embrace such technology and provides a significant amount of information and resources at the driver’s fingertips , For those who don’t have a smartphone , all of these features can be accessed through a computer as well , making this technology highly accessible .

Traditional combustion car engine utilizes controlled explosions to power the vehicle , resulting in a loud ride full of vibrations , LEAF’s electric motor delivers just the opposite , Although Nissan includes an ignition sound to provide the users with audible feedback when the vehicle is started , LEAF is nearly silent at low speeds .

When the car is brought to highway speed , the difference in volume between the LEAF and a normal car is huge , The advantages of a quieter vehicle offer less sound-induced fatigue for the driver and less chance of disturbing those near the vehicle while driving .

Nissan LEAF needs fewer repairs , LEAF makes a lot of sense on the financial level , beyond the need for no gasoline & the sticker price , Because there are fewer moving parts in the LEAF that require servicing  .

Nissan Leaf battery pack consists of positive electrodes of manganese instead of cobalt or nickel , making the cost of the battery cheaper , to save on the consumer side .

Nissan offers one thing for everybody , Just in the car line , It offers Maxima , Versa Hatchback and Sedan , the Cube , the Sentra , the Altima , and also the Altima Coupe and Hybrid , The gas mileage for all Nissan cars ranges from 17 – 38 mpg within the highway and 12 – 33 mpg in the city .

We can acquire a Versa Sedan for approximately $10,000 , Versa features the highest horsepower and most passenger in its class , If you’d like a car that will make heads turn , you can get the GT-R Sports vehicle for about $90,000 .

Nissan offers Brake Override Technological innovation that is created for the emergency stop situations , all Nissan automobiles come with Bluetooth Hands-free Phone technological innovation which is linked in to the vehicle’s audio system that makes to get a safer trip wherever you go , Standard on some autos is the Intelligent Key with Push Button Ignition .

Nissan offers some good trucks and Crossovers , The trucks consist of the Frontier, the Titan and their NV Lineup , The Crossovers that contain Minivans and SUV’s , They are extremely remarkable with the Juke , the Rogue , the Murano , the Murano Cross Cabriolet , the Xterra , the Pathfinder , the Armada , plus the Quest .

Nissan cars offer instant power , Electric motors produce 100% of their torque at zero RPM , Instant acceleration with no lag , Nissan cars offer quiet ride , Since the electric cars don’t have conventional fossil fuel engines ( which utilizes internal combustion for power) , They run smoother & quieter .

Electric vehicles are virtually silent at low speeds , EV engines are simple , They have less parts , less moving parts that can translate to fewer visits to a garage for repairs over the life of the car .

Nissan car is completely electric , You will never again wait in the line at a gas station , with the LEAF, You simply need to plug it in overnight and wake up to a fully charged , ready-to-use vehicle .

Nissan Cars disadvantages

EV’s offers a limited amount of miles the vehicle can travel , The Leaf has a higher mileage range than most EV’s , at 100 miles , EV’s require charging after use , And while that may seem simple and straightforward , if you live in an apartment or don’t have a garage or a place where you can plug in to a 220 volt outlet , charging your EV can be a problem .

The average charge time can be as little as 6 hours to as much as 10 for most EV’s , The Leaf has a charge time of about 6 to 8 hours that can mean charging your car overnight and this can be a big disadvantage to owning an EV .

For a Leaf , MSRP starts at about $30,000 which falls in line with most other compact cars , when you factor in the convenience of being able to instantly refuel at a gas station as well as the ability to drive for as far as you want with a regular gas or diesel automobile threatens the overall value of EV’s .

Leaf’s battery lease adds the additional monthly charge to the consumer , a cost of about $125 per month which is comparable to the cost of monthly comprehensive insurance coverage , if not more .

Electric cars offer less power than the cars with the fossil fuel engines as a rule , Although EV’s offer fast acceleration , They present maximum torque from zero rpm and no need for transmission , The drivers who have a need for speed will be disappointed .

A lot of EV’s present a maximum speed of about 65 to 70mph , The leaf electric car tops out at 76mph , So it may keep the driver from speeding violations , it may be a disadvantage to some depending on driving tastes .


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